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1/72 F-8s, Fujimi, Esci

by John Healy on July 23, 2016 in Aviation -- 11 Comments

Robert’s F-8s inspired me to take these pics and post them. I thought I was the last guy to have that old Fujimi kit on a display shelf! I built these in the mid 1980s. Robert’s AMT kit is an […]


F-8, Fujimi, amt

by Robert Royes on July 21, 2016 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

The first F-8 is Fujimi’s old 1/70 F-8D,converted to a ‘B’, Leaving off the fuselage strakes, and using VF-32 decals from micro scale CAG-3 sheet, Had to sand off a ton of rivets The second is amt/ertl 1/72 F-8H in […]


Revell 48th F-8E Crusader

by Craig Abrahamson on March 15, 2015 in Aviation -- 38 Comments

Even though the copyright date on the instructions state 2011, I suspect this is a re-issue of the ‘older’ Revell kit, as it lacks in many areas of detail and the pilot figure (not used), is an older two-piece and […]


Fujimi F-8D Crusader 1/72

by Greg Kittinger on February 25, 2015 in Aviation -- 8 Comments

This old Fujimi kit had very heavy raised panel lines and rivet detail. I sanded it all off, intending to re-scribe. However, I found I wasn’t too adept at scribing, so instead drew them back in with lead pencil. Since […]


The Last of the Gunfighters

by Morne Meyer on September 10, 2014 in Aviation -- 32 Comments

The F-8 Crusader saw service in Vietnam with both the US Navy and Marines. Both fighter and recon birds served in Vietnam with equal distinction from the Gulf of Tonkin, when F-8’s attacked marauding North Vietnamese PT boats, to the […]


Academy 1/72 LTV F-8E Crusader USMC Vietnam

by Chuck A. Villanueva on August 21, 2014 in Aviation -- 18 Comments

A follow up to the Crusader mini group build we had earlier in the month, I have here the excellent Academy 72nd scale Crusader. Using the Eduards zoom cockpit set and an Aeromaster sheet for the USMC markings. This build […]

F-8J web 1

My Monogram Crusaders

by Drew Tarter on August 3, 2014 in Aviation -- 20 Comments

Since everyone is posting their Monogram F-8’s, I decided to throw mine into the mix. These have been posted before, so I apologize in advance for the re-runs. First up is a Monogram F-8E converted to the later J model. […]


Hasegawa F-8H Crusader

by Tom Cleaver on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

Here is the Hasegawa F-8 done as an F-8H using the full Cutting Edge conversion set and Meteor Productions decals. There’s an old saying that “it’s better to be lucky than good.” The Chance Vought F-8 Crusader series was not […]


“Le Crouze” – the last Crusader

by Tom Cleaver on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

Here is the Hasegawa F-8E Crusader modified to be an F-8E(FN)/F-8P, using the Cutting Edge slats and flaps, dive brake, and cockpit, with decals from MDC. By 1962, the Marine Nationale was undergoing rapid modernization, with two new aircraft carriers, […]


Monograms 1/48th Ling Temco F-8E Crusader, USN, Vietnam

by Chuck A. Villanueva on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 25 Comments

So to add another Crusader to the mix. This one is using the Kendall wing fold set and cockpit upgrade set. The only thing I didn’t do was adjust the incorrect stance of the main gear. I configured this for […]