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The ol’ pick-em-up truck

March 27, 2016 in Automotive

Happy Easter everyone!

I have built around 30 models in the past couple of years, mostly WWII aircraft plus a couple of ships and tanks. These are all interesting subjects for me, but I have no personal experience with them. I mean you know, I never flew a P-51 for example.
But I saw this kit in the hobby shop and said to myself: “Self, now there’s something you and I can relate to, first hand experience, 1970’s era pick up trucks, back when they were mostly metal and didn’t have power windows, let alone built-in USB ports…”
So I bought this Moebius brand 1/25 scale 1971 Ford Ranger. It is very similar to my first pickup truck, a 1974 model I got used around 1980. The canary yellow is the color of mine.To try and recreate that truck I made the camper top from scratch, using material from a re-useable (but not any more!) water bottle for the tinted windows, and Evergreen sheet styrene and HO scale Evergreen I-beams for the frame. The hydraulic cylinders for the tailgate are from the spares box – part of some planes landing gear.
I also outfitted this with the things usually found aboard my truck back in those days – banjo and guitar cases and a cooler full of ….’canned beverages’, we’ll say…..
…off to go jam out on bluegrass!!!..Whooo Hoooo!….as they say….those were the days!…..
If this model truck looks kinda warped and ill-fitting, that is pretty much realistic. The subject I am modelling, and it’s owner back then, could all be decribed in those terms!