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Revell Germany 1/48 A-20G Havoc, from late 2012.

Hello all. I´m going to share with you this old project, it took me good 18 months to finish it and so far it has been the longest one for me in a single model, I´m not precisely a “Fast […]

Douglas A-20 in 1:48 from Italeri

by Ulf Lundberg on June 12, 2016 in Aviation -- 23 Comments

The Douglas 20, sometimes called ”Boston”, sometimes called ”Havoc” is a bit of an unsung hero. This, and its kool looks, were the main reasons I wanted to build a model of it. It served in the French, the British, […]

1/48 AMT A-20C Havoc/Boston III

by Tom Bebout on January 23, 2015 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

My second A-20, the first was a G model and it was so bad my grandson took it home where it shortly crashed on takeoff. I used the long range aux tank on this one as I assumed it was […]

1/48 AMT A-20B Havoc

by Tom Bebout on January 19, 2015 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

Long time no post so here’s my latest in the A-20 Havoc line of aircraft. Seems I have an unusual attraction to the A-20. To date I’ve built the C and G models and now the B for your review. […]

Douglas A-20B Havoc desert diorama 1/48

by Miha Kosi on October 14, 2014 in Aviation -- 23 Comments

Hi everybody! For my first article I chose my desert diorama, which was presented also in Moson model show in Hungary in april 2014. It was noticed by the editor of who gave the invitation to post the photos […]

1/72 USAirfix (Airfix) Havoc

by Joe Caputo on September 1, 2013 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

The instructions say “copyright 1979”. I’ve had this one sitting around for quite some time. Over the years I’ve built at least 3 others in different variants. It was time to just do the version on the box. The build […]