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Hobby Boss LST in 48th scale….

This was a pretty straightforward build, being rather ‘boxy’ with no fit issues with which to contend. It is, as you can see, devoid of any cargo at the present (human or otherwise). I’ll have to scrounge around for some […]

Hobby Boss 1/48 MiG-17F

This was my first Hobby Boss kit. I started in earnest last fall and hit the first “snag” soon after. I had to repaint the seat several times to get the effect I wanted and stopped construction for several weeks. […]

1/32 F-84e

Hobby Boss kit built OOB. Zots decals.

Hobby Boss 1/72 HH-60H Rescue Hawk [Late Version]

Recently, I have been working on helicopter kits, but this is my first one in 1/72 scale. I uysed Model Master enamels thinned with lacquer thinner through a Grex airbrush, buffing metalizers on the rotor blades, Future brushed on over […]

Thought the Wildcat thing petered out, eh? My Kid’s F4F-3….

Hobbyboss 1/48 F4F-3 “Early” built by my son, Kyle a while ago. I happen to think Hobby Boss really got this one right, and it really looks spiffy in the early wargames scheme. If I recall this one was a […]

1:48 scale Hobby Boss F4F-3, “Wildcat”

Remember that F4F-3 I saw in the hobby shop after I finished converting the Tamiya F4F-4 to a -3? Well, I bought one and decided to see how it stacked up against the Tamiya kit. In my opinion, Tamiya is […]

Tamiya F4F-4, converted to an F4F-3, “Wildcat”

Keeping the “Wildcat” thing going…. I really wanted to add an F4F-3 to the collection and since there was none out there, finally decided to convert Tamiya’s outstanding F4F-4. Overall it was not such a hard thing to accomplish, (I […]

The Hobby Boss 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat / Martlet Mk.V

The Hobby Boss 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, “Easy Assemble Authentic Kit”. I got this as a christmas gift from my in-laws back in 2008 & though I don’t normally do 1/72 scale I thought it would be a simple project […]

1/35 Hobby Boss VK45.02

Added a Brass barrel, machine gun, and fruil Tracks..the rest is out of the box.

Think Cheap

I enjoy trying to make something out of an inexpensive kit. This is a Hobby Boss 1/72 Bf-109g-6 in Georg Amon’s markings from JG 53. I did cram an Eduard PE interior into it mainly for the instrument panel & […]