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F-84F Belgian Air Demo 052 1966

F-84F-56-RE 52-7216 Belgian 052 air demo aircraft 1966. My model is kitbashed based on the Hobby Boss 48th kit. The HB kit is quite good externally, albeit with a few pooched features, the most notable of which is the spurious […]

F-84F Hobby Boss

F-84F-45-RE 52-6675 USAF, Hobby Boss 48th built from-the-box. I obtained an advance kit and, by arrangement with SAMI, did a first-build article which was published in their Feb 2014 issue. There were problems with the nose and vertical tail decals […]

F-105 G Wild Weasel 1/48 Hobbyboss

Hello colleagues! I will briefly summarize some of the steps taken while my building scale 1: 48-F-105 G from HobbyBoss. Landing gear bays and ejection seat are Aires, while surface treatment was done using acrylic color models Vallejo paints mixed […]

New Year’s Resolution

In my earlier article about the 2014 IPMS Silverwings show ( I didn’t point out my discouraging realization that I had only completed 2 projects in 2014. Both picked up 2d place trophies in their respective categories. One was the […]

Last of 2014: Hobby Boss 1/48 P-47D-25

Last model of 2014: Hub Zemke’s P-47D-25 – “Oregon’s Britannia.” No less than Jimmy Doolittle praised Zemke as his “greatest fighter group commander.” Some may claim Don Blakeslee deserved the role, but Zemke was a professional officer who had the […]

Ta-152 C-1 1/48 HobbyBoss 81702

This baby is ready for take-off just before the new year. Took me around 2 weeks, has it’s warts and all but nothing dramatic – all in all a great kit; highly recommended. I wish everyone a happy 2015 and […]

HobbyBoss 1/48 Ta 152 C-1

The C-1 was the low to medium altitude version of the Ta 152 and in all probability, according to the available references never got to full flying prototype stage. This project is a bit of a “what-if” and has been […]

Hobby Boss 1/48 F4F-3S “Wildcatfish”

Before the war, the Imperial Japanese Navy wasn’t the only one concerned about the provision of air power in an island campaign across the Pacific. The U.S. Navy was also well aware that between the time the troops stormed ashore […]

HB 1/48th F6F-3 Hellcat

Having nothing to build of late, my eagerness to complete this kit produced my [usual] “hurry up-ness” mistakes here and there – hopefully, some creative photography hid them from those ‘prying eyes’. 🙂 This is the Hobby Boss offering and […]

Hobby Boss Bv-141B-O

The asymmetric Bv-141 is perhaps the strangest airplane to fly during the Second World War and one of the strangest ever to fly anywhere. Despite its counterintuitive looks, it was an excellent aircraft which was rejected by the service that […]