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Service Point. Jeep Tamiya 1/35

My inspiration is a war photo.So i constructed a jeep from Tamiya's range out of the box expect the tent.This is a resin item and gave to me by a friend.The base made with AK products,the wooden items are balsa wood and the rest from various k[...]

Christmas in Europe

This is a story of hope, not just for modellers, but for their long struggling wives and partners who sometimes don’t quite ‘get us’. Who has ever been asked “Why do you need a new kit? You have heaps in the shed you haven’t built yet” or “Why d[...]

Grandpa´s jeep

Been experimenting a bit lately. Being very fond of the classic jeep I got an idea I wanted to realize. As in many countries one can find old military vehicles with an interesting background in Sweden. After many years of doing research and coll[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Willys Follow Me Jeep

My first attempt at a military vehicle completed several years ago and before owning an airbrush. Had some vague idea about using it for a diorama.but do to "sometimers" the idea has been lost. This kit was a bit of a challenge as it's small and[...]

Tamiya 1/48 Willys JEEP, FRANCE autumn 1944.

Well there is completed another Willys Jeep in 1/48 added the extra details in resin . HAULER 1/48 Browing M-2 windscreen in the coating, And handwritten numbers with brush no decals in the scale for this unit. WILLYS JEEP . Reconnaissance u[...]

My brief plunge into “Armor”

All of these are Tamiya 1/35 scale kits: Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep, Willy's Jeep, M3 Lee, Military Police Motorcycle and Police Officer and M3 Stuart Light Tank. All were built straight from the box and lightly weathered. The tank commander pictu[...]

1/48 Tamiya Swimwagen & 1/48 hasegawa Willis JEEP

Well, I managed to restore from a CD some older picure of 1/48 for costumer build kit . Pictures are not the best at that time was not yet good digital cameras Yeah, some from the archives of 2005-2010 year. P.k

Willys MB Ambulance

This is the Tamyia 1/35th scale kit with some scratchbilt to make it an ambulance vehicle. I also scratchbuilt the mud chains for the rear tyres.

Italeri 1/72 Willis JEEP Indokina 1951

Build from the box and paint xtracolor enamels . windows made by GLAZE (DeLUX materials). P.k

Jeep Willis 1/48 Hasegawa

A little side-project, weekend build, again, for fun (it`s funny i should say that, as all the builds should be fun, but sometimes they do get tedious don`t they? :) )
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