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King Tiger – Dragon 1/72

Well, normally I build planes, 1/72 scale. Sometimes I like to build tanks. This is my 4th tank in 35 years of plane. This is a kit Dragon (7361) of the King Tiger with the Henschel turret, around 1944. Probably […]

King Tiger 1/35 Ammo

Hello Fresh from the works, a slightly What if version of the cat, with a longer barreled gun,slight mods to the engine deck and a IR device, reboxing of a Takom kit by Ammo with their details. Kept it simple, […]

Dragon 1/35th scale King Tiger Battle of the Bulge

Here is my first article. Built back in 2006, this is my favorite German WWII armored vehicle. Built with aftermarket barrel, tracks, figures and fenders. Always liked this pattern, slightly different with the hard edge finish. All questions, comments and […]

Idea for a new group build with Aircraft, Armor, Automobiles and what have you: “Year of the Cat”…

We have our Midway Group Build that is scheduled to finish around the 75th anniversary of the battle, which ran from June 3rd through the 7th. We have made provisions that allow for projects to be posted after the deadline, […]

1/35 Tamiya King Tiger (Henschel)

Here’s one more Armor model for tonight. I built this King Tiger without zimmerit and its painted in the “Ambush” tri color scheme. The German tank manufacturing companies discontinued the use of Zimmerit paste in September 1944. (So I’m going […]

Tamiya’s Königstiger in 1:48

I don’t normally build models of military vehicles, but this was a special case. Seeing that most modellers of military vehicles are not very interested in ships and that there are usually so few participants in the ships classes at […]

Tamiya 1/35th King Tiger

. I hadn’t done any armor pieces in quite some time (if that’s not already painfully obvious), and I acquired this one in a trade a few weeks back….it was a relaxing change of pace – especially given Tamiya’s great […]