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Mach II 1/72 Convair 440 Metropolitan – Continental Airlines Delivery scheme

by Alastair Barbour on November 23, 2014 in Aviation -- 11 Comments

Following quite a bit of interest in natural metal finishes on the other Convair (Hustler) I thought I’d give the Mach II 1/72 Convair 440 a go with a similar finish, at least on the lower half and wings. I’m […]

Convair 240, 1/72 Mach II kit. United Air Lines

by Frank Cronin on July 30, 2013 in Aviation -- 14 Comments

A few articles back I responded to a contributor that I am of the “I know where the mistakes are and I am not going to tell you” philosophy. Well, here is an example…….. This is the Mach II 1/72 […]