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by Matija Lisec on January 5, 2017 in Aviation -- 13 Comments

It`s an Academy 1/72 model which i detailed with a partly scratch built cockpit, Eduard interior and exterior parts, CMK control surfaces,part of the engine, wheel dolly. The ladder and fire extinguisher are scratch built. Jeep is Hasegawa which i […]


Wie ein floh…. Me-163 Komet B-1a

by Grega X on April 18, 2016 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

Hi friends, Still collecting myself from Moson madness, so i thought I’d share a small model that i’ve finished a while ago. Revell’s komet, a rocked powered German jet. Small amount of parts, I thought that that would be a […]


32nd Me-163 Komet

by Craig Abrahamson on August 25, 2014 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

Another old build rescued from the shelf of the model room, cleaned of dust residue and presented for your dining and dancing pleasure. Another Hasegawa kit (I think), which was a pretty simple and straight forward build with no problems, […]


Meng 1:32 Me-163B Komet

Hello everybody, after a long time here is the last one I’ve finished! It is the model That I was awarded with on the April best of show model. It is a great model, but it took me some extra […]

2005 06 models 082

1/48 Testors Me-163 Komet

by Joe Caputo on July 29, 2013 in Aviation -- 1 Comment

Also hiding in my cardboard box, was this old “Flea”. While I did beef up the interior, you can’t see anything because of the thick clear canopy. As usual, another trip down memory lane.


Testors ME-163 Komet\ Tamiya Kettenkrad

by steven a weinmann on May 10, 2013 in Aviation -- 2 Comments

I built this diorama to depict Major Wolfgang Spate’s komet On his first mission in the komet his crew had painted his plane bright red in honor of Manfred Von Rictoffen (red baron). Wolfgang was not amused and after an […]

Komet (14)

OK if nobody’s going to post today…over 1000 I go….

by Bill Koppos on April 17, 2013 in Aviation -- 8 Comments

Such a nice number. I’ll “Rocket” over the top with this hasegawa 1/32 Komet I did last year. For it’s age it’s still a cool kit. Pretty much kept to what was in the box, except for making a couple […]