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The Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.

by Ulf Lundberg on June 20, 2016 in Uncategorized -- 9 Comments

In May this year I finally got around to visiting Poland. The first stop on the trip was Warsaw, very much a city for someone who is interested in history. Due to poor planning on my behalf, the indoors part […]

More simulators at Arboga missile museum

At the Arboga missile museum one can play with some more simulators if one is not too tired after a full mission in the Saab J 35 B Draken sim. First is a genuine MOMSUL, (momentsimulator) simulating RB 05 missile […]

Arboga missile museum

At Arboga missile museum you will find most things associated with missile technology in the Swedish armed forces. Included in the collection are also cockpits, simulators, engines, library, models and equipment for testing and firing missiles. The Swedish missile history […]

Reconnaissance squadron F 11 museum

This Saturday I went to the F 11 museum right outside the town of Nyköping, Sweden. F 11 stands for Flygflottilj no 11, the former recce squadron of the Swedish Air force. A number of propeller and jet aircraft have […]

Technikmuseum Speyer

by Ulf Lundberg on March 1, 2016 in Uncategorized -- 10 Comments

In Speyer, not far from Mannheim and Heidelberg in the south western part of Germany, there is a great museum of technology, that I was unaware of until just recently. I got the tip from my German ship modeling […]

Historic Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth (2)

by Rob Pollock on February 21, 2016 in News -- 12 Comments

As there seems to have been reasonable interest in my previous posting, I’ve added a second and final tranche of images, from both HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, with a selection from the museum areas themselves, as described previously.

Historic Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth

by Rob Pollock on February 20, 2016 in News -- 17 Comments

In keeping with a current project (wooden ship model HM Bomb Vessel Granado), for inspiration I visited the famous Historic Naval Dockyard and Museums at Portsmouth. The best known exhibit is HMS Victory (yes, THAT one). I include here several […]

Finnish mystery aircraft at Vaanta aircraft museum

At the Finnish aviation museum near Vaanta airport, just outside Helsinki, Finland, you may find all sorts of aircraft. Lots of Soviet bloc stuff like MiG fighters, Mil helicopters, beautiful biplanes, smooth gliders and relics from the WW 2. There […]

Lincoln Nitschke Military & Historical Aircraft Collection, Greenock, South Australia

This is one of those treasures you find by an accident while driving around, looking for other things. Time was never right to visit but I managed toget there in the end. Mr Nitschke opened up and explained the layout […]

DH Mosquito cockpit

There aren´t many surviving Mosquitos around these days. So what to do? Build your own of course. At least that is what Lincoln Nietschke did for his own museum in Greenock, South Australia. This is a wooden full scale model […]