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Supermarine Walrus / Seagull V finished by Raul Hrubisko

by Santiago Hrubisko on April 26, 2015 in Aviation -- 7 Comments

Hi I would like to share with you my Father’s latest series. These are the 16 models done all together. We would like to thanks Peter Malone for assisting us on this project. He has share with us a lot […]

Supermarine Walrus and Seagull V series.

by Santiago Hrubisko on February 15, 2015 in Aviation -- 8 Comments

Hi Sorry for not posting before. My father has made the first 4 Walrus of this series. 1) Supermarine Walrus K5782 Sqd 700 – Deckheila, North Africa 1941 2) Supermarine Walrus ZA-W HD874 – Aug 1944: Rec’d 8 Communications Unit. […]