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A Visit to Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Tokyo (Video with Planes and Ships)

November 30, 2015 in Show Reports

Here’s the second part of my video from the Tamiya Plamodel Factory. For introduction please see the recent post about cars and motorbikes.

A Visit to Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Tokyo (Video)

November 29, 2015 in Show Reports

Dear friends,
a business trip is leading me to Japan these days.

The Tamiya Plamodel Factory, located in Shimbashi area close to Tokyo Station, is half the brand’s flagship store and half a museum of Tamiya models. On the ground floor I found the entire current product range of scale models plus all sorts of paints, tools, cements and everything else. It took me not much less than two hours to at least halfway have the feeling to have acknowledged everything that’s around.

The basement makes the RC modeler happy, again with a huge variety of beautiful products.

To my very big surprise, prices of models in this extremely expensive city are a little below Euro prices and paints are even significantly cheaper. I hope I’ll get all that stuff I bought home safely. This is the movie I made about the cars and motorbikes.
Take care and stay tuned for the next episode about planes and ships,