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Welsh Models 1/72 Boeing 737-7DT (BBJ) – 34 Squadron, RAAF

by Ray Seppala on January 7, 2018 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

Welsh Models are known for the vacform/resin kits. This kit was a challenge in some areas, in particular getting a solid join between the vacform fuselage and resin wing roots. The other issue I had was the amount of nose […]

Curtiss XF14C-2 1:72

Oh the joy of building a model – or welcome to the dark side! You all know the story of how bad vacu kits or other short run kits can be but today I can tell you, I have seen […]

Arma Hobby 1/48 Grumman F2F-1

by Tom Cleaver on March 10, 2016 in Aviation -- 13 Comments

The F2F-1 was the first of a long line of successful Grumman single-seat fighters. The company’s success with the two seat FF 1, which when introduced in 1931 was significantly faster than any U.S. single seat fighter of its time, […]

FMA I.Ae. 27 Pulqui I. 1:72 AllianceModels

by Gábor Szabó on December 2, 2015 in Aviation -- 7 Comments

It is just for interesting. I made this kit about nearly 20 years ago when we received a sample from AllianceModels at Model and Maquette Magazine (long defunct sadly). These kits were fairly rare even when they released (and not […]

1/72nd scale C-17A Globemaster III – Combat Models Vacuform

by Thomas Probert on June 21, 2015 in Aviation -- 15 Comments

I started this back in November of 2014, and after 8 months of blood, sweat and tears, I’ve got my big C-17 finished. There are two kits currently available in 1/72nd of the C-17: one being the Anigrand Craftworks resin […]

1/72 Boeing 737 T-43A

by kevin Payne on February 24, 2015 in Aviation -- 12 Comments

This is my 1/72 Welshmodel, resin and vacform model of the Boeing 737 T-43A, not the most easiest of builds especially when trying to glue resin wings to a vacformed body, but in the end it came out OK

1/72 Vickers Varsity

by kevin Payne on February 19, 2015 in Aviation -- 16 Comments

This is my Aeroclub vac form model of the Vickers Varsity, “Flying Pig” as some affectionately called it in the RAF

1/72 DH Devon

by kevin Payne on February 18, 2015 in Aviation -- 16 Comments

This is my Rareplane vacform DH Devon I built a couple of years ago.

1/72 Vickers Vanguard

by kevin Payne on February 13, 2015 in Aviation -- 20 Comments

This is the Gene Hooker vacform model of the Vickers Vanguard

A trip back in time: MPM 1/48 I-15 vacuform

by Tom Cleaver on September 6, 2014 in Aviation -- 11 Comments

So why is it the Czechs make such good plastic models? For those who don’t know the answer to that question, the reason why, in the past 24 years since the overthrow of communism and the end of the Cold […]