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1/32nd Me-262

After reflecting on Brett’s excellent example of the “Swallow” -262, I thought I’d dust off the kit I did some time back and show you what was my very first attempt at using an airbrush. However, due to my lack of ambition, I rarely using my old Pasche VL any more (at least I ‘think’ that’s what it is) – all that cleaning, fiddling with the settings, cleaning, changing colors, cleaning, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling, cleaning, mixing colors…did I mention cleaning? Except for schemes such as the one shown, I’ve managed to find alternative [read: easier] ways to achieve the desired results. Even mottling. AND, I have this habit of rushing and wanting to see the end product completed. Which is a bad habit, usually.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses to 1/32nd Me-262

  1. Craig, I never used Paasche VL myself, but if you are using an older model airbrush and get irritated by all the cleaning involved, I can heartily recommend getting a modern professional type such as Evolution, Hansa or one of the Iwatas. IMHO there’s no comparison in the ease of maintenence. I have had an Evolution for 5 years and wouldn’t even want to use my older Badgers or Azteks again.

  2. Thanks, Martin….I DID have an Iwata, but having used it so infrequently, I sold it to a modeler who wanted/needed it more than I.

  3. I love my IWATA HP-BC. I never used a Pasche- while billed as the best, I am not sure it lives up to the hype after listening to other artists who use airbrushes. To each his own- I have also heard that if you tame the beast (Pasche), you can get great results. I have reconditioned needles, and replaced parts on my Iwata, and I have a “feel” for it- so won’t be switiching to anything else -unless, God forbid they stop making them or the parts for them!

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