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1/32nd Trumpeter F-100D

I bought this back when it was all the rage at the Nationals in Virginia Beach a few years ago. Fondled it for a long time before finally attacking the sprues, though.

If I were better at photography (and Photoshop) you could see the cockpit detail (lotta work in there) and NOT see those monofilament lines – doh! Believe it or not, the camo was done with rattle cans (yes…again). With some “Yankee Ingenuity” – i.e. old rags and pieces of cardboard, I can get pretty much the effect I’m lookin’ for without having to change colors and do all that disassembling and cleaning of the airbrush.

AND I remembered to use Safari this time to post in “Headlines”, even though I can reply to posts, etc. on Firefox.

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4 responses to 1/32nd Trumpeter F-100D

  1. I’ve always been a hun-fan and I’ve got plans for a two-seater Weasel in 1/72 quite soon. This one is beautiful Craig!

    Where does that camo come from? There seems to be one colour too much for a Vietnam-machine?



    • Hi Magnus….thanks for the kind words. Those colors aren’t specific to any theater or scheme or period – I just ‘winged it’, so to speak. Matter of fact, apart from my Blue Angels F-18, I don’t think I’ve built anything that is supposed to replicate an actual aircraft. At least that way my fellow modelers can’t tell me it’s “wrong” (can they?).

  2. see, it does not matter what ever turns out and you like it.. that the nature of this llong as we enjoy doiing it we do not have to worry nor should we take flack if it does not meet with some purist.. when I was little boy whittleing on my mother’s kitchen table to model c**p out of Balsa back in the day… she wanted to whip my rear end but would always tell me how nice it looked when finished.. she even to this day ( she is 94) does not know one end of a plane from the other… you did good and brave to finish that kit… got one but it is stalemated right now… my trouble.. first airplane I ever worked on.. so I am stuck I guess

    • Not at all Wayne…as you said – do it your way…no reason to hesitate because you think it may not turn out as one might expect. If YOU like it , that’s all that matters. If you’re entering it in a show or something like that, you might wanna reconsider your approach, but if it’s never leavin’ the house and next to no one sees it (like mine, for example), who’s gonna know if this or that ain’t quite right. Except of course, some of the folks here, but I don’t think any body on these forums would slam anyone for any inaccuracies. Other sites…yeah, they’d be all over it, but I have yet to see “those people” on imodeler – and I sure hope it stays that way (it’s refreshing). Model on, brother!

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