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Beaver Float Plane

A few years back, we were fortunate enough to go on an Alaskan cruise and I managed to cross another one off the “bucket list”. I’d flown in a hot air ballon, a glider, a bi-plane, helicopters, all sorts of private aircraft and airliners, but never anything that could land on the water.

This 48th scale HobbyCraft kit was something less than top-shelf – at least in my opinion – but I replicated it to show the exact a/c we flew in. It was a ‘spur of the moment’ build and I see now that the dihedral failed me (the wings are droopy, aren’t they?) – funny how you notice things AFTER you’ve screwed up, huh? Anyhow, I’ve also attached a pic of the real thing so you can all see how miserably I failed. It was a fun little build, though – modeling something you actually got to fly in.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses to Beaver Float Plane

  1. Looks good Craig. You should try hanging the model from the wings and maybe it will correct your dihedral problem.(Ha Ha) I’m surprised there are not more kits of Alaskan bush planes available.

  2. Good idea, Jack….wish I’d thought of that before takin’ the pics – doh!

  3. That is so funny- I went on an Alaska Cruise and was entirely stoked that I would get to take a floatplane tour! I took lots of pictures of the Beaver floatplane, and plan to eventually get the kit and build the one I flew in. Crossed off the bipe at an airshow in Wetaskawin, Alberta- Canada. Got to fly in a suitably gaudy WACO.
    I thought for a minute I was reading about the build I will do in the future!

  4. Craig,
    Going back in time to comment on posts before I came on the site. Droopy wings and all, this is well done. I did not get a chance to get a ride in the Beaver on our cruise and am still sad I didn’t. Great job. Keep those e-mails coming.

    • Thank you for gracious (albeit misplaced) compliment on my less-than-stellar build, Frank. My old nemesis – building too fast – reared it’s ugly head yet again (can’t seem to shake that bad habit) and resulted in [in my mind] this abortion. All is not lost, however. I think I can easily correct the “droopiness” if/when I ever get around to it. ūüôĀ

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