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Fantasy of Flight (reference gallery)

Also within a relatively short driving distance from my home is Kermit Weeks’ museum. Every time I’ve visited, they’ve always had one of their airworthy examples flying. The last time it was the Storch. One of the better facilities in Florida. Enjoy the photos.

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2 responses to Fantasy of Flight (reference gallery)

  1. Always nice to be reminded what an airplane geek can do with $100 million. 🙂

    I remember when the B-26 (that happens to be the 14th B-26 built, it’s not even a B-26A – was the one Dave Tallichet dug up out of the Klondike bog it crashed in in 1942 on its way to Alaska, back in the 1970s) was being restored out at Chino in 1997-98 and they kept throwing pistons through the cowling when the engine overheated (it was 7-8 times as I recall before they got a cure). There’s a *reason* why the later Marauders have such a different cowling.

  2. Craig……. I have been to the Fantasy of Flight Museum several times and it seems that Kermit always picks the Storch to demo.

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