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Minicraft 1/144th BUFF

Pretty basic 2-day build. No interior, no gear, a one-color paint job and a few decals. 1/144th isn’t usually a favorite of mine (unless it’s a pretty big aircraft to begin with) – failing eyesight and shaky hands don’t make for a good combination when trying to work with tiny parts.

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3 responses to Minicraft 1/144th BUFF

  1. 2-day build? That has NEVER happened to me 😆

  2. Well…like I said, there wasn’t that much to it and I had some time to spend in the ‘model room’, so…besides, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than a few weeks on any one kit. Even that USS Wasp was done within a couple months. Once I get started, I can’t ignore it and leave it sit. Plus – I don’t EVER remember having more than one kit going at a time. Just can’t do it – don’t have the room anyhow.

  3. I like the idea of not having more than one kit going at a time… but I get stuck when I don’t have the time or setup to go to paint, but I have time to put the next cockpit together……
    Its a vicious cycle; really!

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