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Monogram 1/48 B-26 Marauder

This Monogram offering was another dream to build. No fit issues, top-notch quality, details and ease of assembly. I attempted to display the OD in varying subtle shades in order to replicate variances due to weathering, replacement panels and the like. And I actually added crew to this kit in hopes that my ineptness (is that a word?) couldn’t readily be seen. This also might even be an actual aircraft – I’m pretty sure there WAS an “I***t’s Delight”.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Monogram 1/48 B-26 Marauder

  1. Craig…… Very nice. I like the paint and the light touch with the weathering. I had a good painting of Flack Bait that showed a lot of wear that I want to replicate but haven’t taken that project on yet.

  2. Sometimes it’s easier to show a lot of weathering rather than a little. Excessive weathering leaves more room for “imagination”.

  3. I have that kit and always have plans to build it. It just keeps getting pushed down on the very tall to-do pile. I have pictures of the bird my high school U.S. Government class teacher flew in as a navigator. I want to build his bird. I like the markings on your bird here. Colorfull markings on an OD aircraft really help draw attention to it. Good job.

  4. Thanks Walt….dig it out – I’d like to see what can be done by a TALENTED modeler instead of my attempt.

  5. Looks great – I dont see any Ineptness. Very nice weathering

  6. the word is ineptitude- but you ain’t inept at all- it is so hard to keep up with you dude! I have a few more kits I want to post before the deadline- I hope I can come close to your prolific building one day! Kits are MEANT to be built, not just sitting in boxes! well done!

    • Be careful you don’t make the same mistake I think I made. One of the contest rules is that you can’t post pictures of builds you’ve already posted on the site for each months’ subsequent contest.
      I may have, in the vernacular, “shot my load” here in November competing for that Mustang prize. All this stuff I been puttin’ up can’t be in the runnin’ ever again (unless the rules change).

      Save some of your builds for ‘down the road’.

  7. looks good. my wife’s grandfather flew these in the war. i’ve built this kit twice, once in od and one in nm. i gave the nm one to her grandfather.

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