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Monogram 1/48th F-106 Delta Dart

The venerable Monogram kits were, in my opinion, hands-down the best quality ‘domestic’ model one could get “back in the day”. This was, of course, before the “Japanese invasion”. They make practically everything better these days (and I’m not talkin’ just plastic). Monogram’s Century Series (of which I have all) were crisp in detail and fit like the proverbial glove – at least that was my experience. As with 99% of my builds, this particular bird represents no actual aircraft (as far as I know), and I wanted to maintain it’s clean lines and look. I did, however, play around with an NMF version based on a couple of photos I’d found. The NASA bird should’ve been a “B” model, but there were no conversion kits at the time – still not sure if there are any now.

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  1. This is my favorite Monogram Century series model. It looks great buttoned up or with everything hanging out. that weapons bay is breath taking.

    Greta work.

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