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USS Hornet – Doolittle’s Raiders

I picked up this 1/700th scale ‘waterline’ kit and decided I’d try something “off the wall” with it. I’m not usually a “ship guy”, but I wanted to try an idea I had. i took some aluminum foil, crumpled it up and sprayed some color(s) on it. After flattening it back out again (sorta), I put it under the glass of an old picture frame I had and super-glued the ship to the glass. I think it actually turned out looking somewhat like water. I’d never tried the “gel” thing and this seemed a whole lot easier for the effect I wanted. Anyhow, it did fulfill my aircraft itch – after all, t had 16 B-25’s included.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

2 responses to USS Hornet – Doolittle’s Raiders

  1. Jut of curiosity, as I’m not a ship guy either: is the placement of a/c on deck based on the real setup? I thought that the rearmost B-26 would have its tail hanging over the stern.

    Also, it is amazing to see that the last Doolittle raider had almost twice as much deck for take-off than the first one… Did they all take the same bomb load?

    Thanks for sharing

  2. From what stuff I’ve seen/read, each aircraft began their take-off roll from the same point. I believe it had something to do with the very narrow clearance between the right wingtip and the “island” on the carrier. I’d always thought that the further back in line you were, the more room you had for take-off… such was apparently not the case. As for the bomb load, I can only assume that each aircraft was similar in nature. Remember, they had extra fuel cells crammed into most every place feasible. And yes, I may have been a bit “devil-may-care” with the placement of the B-25’s. I just tried to get 16 of ’em (to be accurate) on the deck in a believable fashion. Thanks for the reply.

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