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Works of art in plastic modeling…

I wish to share with you now, as a change of pace as it were, several builds which I consider to be “above and beyond” what an ‘average’ modeler can accomplish. The talent displayed in these photos are far above my abilities, but nonetheless provide inspiration for me to try to be a better modeler.

I have accumulated these various examples throughout the years whenever I came across a build that caused me to shake my head in utter amazement at the level of modeling depicted in the following photographs.
I won’t attempt to expound on each and every photo because there’s no way I can recall the circumstances under which I discovered and saved the pictures. I just hope they bring the same enjoyment to you as they did me.

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Works of art in plastic modeling…

  1. Great photos Craig!



  2. Any more info on that F-86D?????

  3. Hi Terry…unfortunately, I have little to no information on any of these fantastic builds. There images were, for the most part, snagged from the contributors of another modeling site – or, in some cases, taken at contests, shows, meets, etc. I’m afraid the modelers themselves will remain anonymous lest they happen to see their work here.

  4. some good stuff I guess, but.. just thought we were posting what we as individuals have actually built… might be some copyright stuff here.. others may know more though..

  5. Yeah….I thought about that as well. That’s why I checked with the editor/site administrator before posting them here. I got the nod from him and since these photographs were on public display in the first place, the issue of infringement is not applicable.

  6. Err… actually there was a tiny bit of misunderstanding here. What I meant is that it is OK to post pictures of other people’s models without asking the model builders’ permission, for as long as:
    – the model in question has been displayed publicly (such as on a show or public event)
    – you have taken the photo yourself

    The same rule does not apply for posting pictures taken by other people without the photographer’s permission. (and that’s probably where I misunderstood your question).

    That’s a general rule of thumb for use of copyrighted material, and I’d like us to comply with it here at iModeler.

    I’ll be leaving this gallery online, but please everyone follow this friendly reminder in your doings.

  7. Understood….no more posting of models other than your own or personally taken at a show.

  8. Really makes me want to do a Navy Phantom after seeing the feature pic here.

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