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Airfix Mig-15

December 8, 2012 · in Aviation · · 3 · 2.4K

Not the most sophisticated kit nor the most accurate. However, if your on a budget or your buying for a youngster or need a simple straight build that doesn't take months this is a good kit to buy. Some folks don't care for the engraved panels lines but, if you accept the idea that this is a entry level model that is being built for fun or the kiddies the panel lines are easily ignored . I enjoyed building the kit and found the decals to work reasonably well. Yes the main wheels are basic,the wheel wells are not boxed in and the canopy just fits over the cockpit opening. With a little modeling skill this kit can be turn into a fun project.

For those who demand more has come out with some resin main wheels and cockpit set.

Steve T

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  1. Nice to see you come aboard Steve. Your work shows even a "simple" kit can look really nice.

  2. It doesn't look bad at all and considering the alternatives (at least right now, I'm curious about the Eduard kit that is due soon) I think the Airfix kit is the best choice by far for the MiG-15!

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  3. Not to mention that this is a new kit from Airfix... after such a long wait, it is such a pleasure to see a stream of new kits from this company that the exact size of the panel lines doesn't really matter that much. I'm currently building their F-86 Sabre, not a bad kit either. Thanks for sharing /M.

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