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B-29 “FIFI” walkaround …

She made a stop here in Daytona a few months back. It was the one (and probably) – ONLY time I’ll have have this opportunity. I shall now refrain from hogging the forum – for now. Thanks.again for your patience and I trust many of you will find these both interesting and informative.

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5 responses to B-29 “FIFI” walkaround …

  1. I saw “Fifi” twice – once at the 1978 Planes of Fame show, the first big one they ever had, the second time in 1982 when she came into Edwards AFB to be used as the stand-in for the B-29 that flew the X-1 during the filming of “The Right Stuff.” A very impressive airplane. I have a picture of her making a low pass along the Chino runway back in 1978 that reminds you just what air quality control over the past 34 years has accomplished in Los Angeles. It’s a “clear” day for Chino back then, and you can’t see Saddleback Mountain 10 miles south – this was back in the days when you would fly into the eastern part of Los Angeles County and find what you were looking for by flying over it and looking straight down, because horizontal visibility was so bad in the smog; you had to have someone in the right seat to keep their eyes on what you had just found so you could turn around and get back into the pattern without losing it. Nowadays you have to have a really bad weather day to miss Saddleback to the south or Mt. Baldy to the north. Thank goodness for the death of leaded gasoline.

  2. Nice walkaround craig

    There should be a separate place for this here

  3. I shall refrain from posting any further “Reference Gallerys” or “Walk-arounds” in the “Headlines” section until an appropriate alternative is presented.

  4. I have some fantastic photos of my son hanging out of her cockpit from 9 or 10 years ago. Some of my happiest memories…

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