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1/48 eduard f6f-5n hellcat profipack

February 18, 2013 · in Aviation · · 6 · 3.2K

this plane was painted pre-airbrush using shaker cans, which work great but smell like chemical death! luckily, only one color to paint , dark usn blue. first time i had the pleasure and aggravation of using photoetch.the kit parts fell right into place. no fit issues at all. decals were cartogragh, need i say more? the last couple of pics are just some of the things youll find in the mancave. some of my german armour, done really early in my two years of experience, thats a real german stamp and coin from 1942. the ship is the alabama, 50% finished. my grandfather in the pics and just some of his things from the war, and finally my little corner of heaven, my work bench complete with inspiration on the walls. thanx for checkin it out!

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  1. probably couldve knocked the dust off the thing before i took the pics huh?

  2. The Cat looks great. That eduard kit is a good'un. Maybe I'll hire you to do my seat harnesses, all your stuff looks real good. Only thing I might say is to ease off the shading/dark wash just a bit. And you need a much bigger stash! (Opinions are like...)

  3. thanx bill, yeah the wash on this one was made a bit darker when i added the final glosscote. by then it was a little too late to do anything about it, so i was just stuck with one dirty bird! as for the stash ill just have to let you take that up with my better half, maybe you can convince her that about 20 unbuilt models just isnt enough!

  4. Yeah Jeff your WAY behind on the 'stash' man. You'll know you have enough unbuilt kits, when you can step back and say , " As long as I live, there aint time enough to build all these before I die..." That's when you've arrived... 🙂

  5. nice little workshop there

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