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Special Hobby 1:32 scale Mitsubishi A5M4 Claude

February 27, 2013 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.9K

This is my latest build. The , 1:32 scale, A5M4 .
The kit gave me fits sometimes. The instructions weren not all to clear, instructions for the windshield part, decalling and painting for the version I've build were wrong. ( I found this out after spraying and decaling.) The resin cockpit parts didn't fit wel and some were omitted.
The masking tape, even after it making it more low-tack than a piece of toilet-paper, pulled of the paint after removing. So I have sprayed some parts a couple of times. ( I cleaned up the kit prior to painting!) But the result was beter than I expected...

Some PE parts are replaced with scratchbuild Evergreen parts because I was afraid that they wouldn't stick and come of during the build.( actuators and "tie-down"- rings, don't know the correct name).
The kit is painted with Revell enamels. The bare metal colour is Revell silver with a drop of grey. Claudes were painted with an anti-corrosion clear lacquer so I chipped this plane with silver. Used some Tamiya weathering pastels for the wheels.
Only decals used are the code on the vertical stabilisor and the little stencils on the cowling and wing.

best regards;


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  1. Sweet paint job Ulrich! I've never seen that particular paint scheme. Good thing masking tape is relatively cheap huh! And welcome to the site, I'm new here also. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Worth the effort. Beautiful work.

  3. Although Special Hobby has improved over the years, it does sometimes seem to be too 'special', (as in special ed). Good work,we've all 'been there'.

  4. Very nice indeed. Love the markings on this one. I did one last year in 1/48th, same markings, although, I used Tamiya clear yellow as an clear coat to give it that golden tone depicted in most profiles.

  5. Elegant. I love the lines of this airplane, and you've done a great job on the model. Welcome onboard and thanks for sharing!

  6. Really nice work. One thing to remember in "weathering" airplanes used in a marine salt-auir environment: salt air will speed corrosion of aluminum like crazy. So on carriers (like this airplane was) the crews will be watching for "chipping" and such like hawks watching for field mice, and painting it over as quickly as possible for corrosion control - you see it today with the USN Tactical Paint Scheme with all the little "touch ups" of fresh paint on faded paint. "Chipping" a carrier-based airplane from any naval air force is a definite no-no.

    Other than that, the model is really fantastic. I have done the A5M2b kit, and it had all the problems you mention here.

  7. Ulrich, do not worry about what the arm chair expert(s) say about your finish on this model. nothing wrong with the way you built and painted it. no one on this site or any other was around during world war eleven to know how your plane would have looked like on a carrier or not. you did good. If anyone has or did build one like it, I would like to see it next to yours on the table.. guess who wins?

  8. Exellence! 10 points.
    Photos came out a little dark.

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