Tamiya, 1:48 scale F4F-4, converted to an FM-1, "Wildcat"

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Another of my favorite aircraft to model, Grumman's , "" and any of it's variations. I won't go into a long diatribe of how good the F4F is, If you've built one you already know that. If you have NOT...please do yourself a favor and pick this kit up and enjoy it. It 's one of my all time favorite models.

To make an FM-1 from the F4F-4, the only modification you will need to make, is the deleation of the outboard wing machine guns. Otherwise, the two types were pretty much identicle in outward apppearence. Fill in a few lines where the gun and ammo bay is, fill in the gun port, and you're done.

I painted my "FM-1" in the Atlantic scheme of dark gray over white. I used True Details for the wheels, wire for brake lines, added paper for the seat harness and stretched sprue for the antenna. Decals are a mix of kit and Aeromaster, (I like the cat flipping off the enemy) . Weathering is thinned oils and pastel chalk.

Again, this Tamiya F4F is a terrific model to build, and I highly recomend it to any and all modelers, especially if you're into the early part of the Pacific war.

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  1. Great job, Freddy...attention to detail is superb. Love that Atlantic scheme.

  2. The FM-1 reminds me of that question, "Why don't you ever see baby pidgeons?" Finding photos of FM-1s is tough. I have to wonder if there are a lot of pics out there attributed as a "F4F Wildcat" which are actually FM-1s upon closer inspection.

    i have the same problem with Brewster and Goodyear Corsairs.

    Thanks for filling in the gap. Your FM-1 is a lot farther along than mine is!

    I imagine its just a matter of waiting before somebody posts an article on the FM-2.


    • It's really not a hard conversion to pull off because the only real difference between the F4F-4 and the FM-1 was the elimination of the outboard weapons. Well other than the "-4" being built by Grumman and the "FM" built by General Motors.
      I also did an F4F-3 conversion, using the Tamiya kit as the base. That required a WHOLE lot more to do, but that'll be a topic for another article...

  3. Great model! Nice to see an FM-1 being posted, even nicer to see it in the Atlantic camouflage scheme.

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