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Tamiya/Italeri/Academy Spitfire XIVc in 1/48th scale

March 5, 2013 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2K

Since I belong to the NTAA Club (never throw anything away), I decided to kitbash a XIVc a couple of years ago. There are bits of around 5 or 6 different kits in this model which amazingly all fitted pretty well. The nose is a cut down ; main fuselage from Mk.Vb; fin & rudder, Academy, as is landing gear & the wings are , chosen because they were a near perfect fit. Lots of fun!
Hope you like it.

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  1. Kit bashing is fun. Your Mk. XIV turned out great!
    Can I join your NTAA club? I still have the first model I ever tried building.

  2. I'm practically in the same club, my girlfriend is always yelling at me because I'm a packrat and keep absolutely everything haha! I'll always keep my first model just to show how far I have come 😀

  3. So if I understand it correctly, there should be enough parts left over to "kit-bash" two more Spits, right...? So let's see ya complete the "hat trick" and fire off the other two. Now that right there would be a neat one, two, three. Nice job on this one, BTW.

  4. said on March 5, 2013

    Thanks for your comments on the Spit. XIV. Thankfully I have a wife who understands the benefits of hobbies in general & modelling in particular. I am lucky to have my own modelling room in which I have
    (this is the sad bit...) 14 Spitfires/Seafires in 1/48 & another 4 in 1/32 . Most have been bashed to some degree, but have a look a the forthcoming 1/48 Eduard Mk.IXc. Maybe my kit bashing days are over (of Spitfires anyway).

    • (Foghorn Leghorn vocie): Ohhh... another Spitfire fanatic. You'll go far here, lad, I say far, very far, y'hear me, boy? Far indeed!

      I can remember the days when this was the only way to get a correct Spitfire in any scale - fortunately in those days the kits were cheap enough one never thought a moment about pulling out the trusty razor saw.

      Yes, the Eduard Mk. IX is going to go a long way to solving this problem in Affordable Scale, as will the upcoming Airfix Spitfire XIV (at least based on what the P.R. XIX shows).

      A "10" for the effort.

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