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TarHeel Hal Thunderbolt

The decals (and paint) were a bit on the tedious side, but not a large problem area, just a mild PITA. Other than that, the kit went together famously. I am, nonetheless, having a “senior moment”, because I don’t remember the manufacturer of this particular P-47.

There is, however, a glaring faux pas…kudos to the first one to spot it, but – alas – there’s no prize for being first.

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17 responses to TarHeel Hal Thunderbolt

  1. Invasion stripes on wings reversed side to side. Otherwise, nice build, Craig.

  2. Yep…another case of my fingers working faster than my brain. 🙁

  3. Craig…. nice looking job on one of the most colorful Jug schemes that ever flew. Don’t feel bad, as I didn’t catch it either. Does that mean great minds think alike?

  4. Invasion strips would have looked pretty cool like that too.

  5. I like her Craig! And I agree with Patrick, the stripes would have looked cool like that. Could it be one of the Tamiya Jugs I’ve heard so much good about?

  6. Great T-bolt Craig! think Hasegawa put one out with these markings, which look fantastic.

  7. Thanks, Gregor…it may be a Hasegawa…I forgot…lol

  8. I like it Craig, Very nie work on what looks to be a PIA applying the decals. Dont see this one on tables very often either. Nice!!

    Freddie from LI

  9. Thank you for the reply, Fred.

  10. Nice job Craig even if you had a senior moment on this one.

  11. I just noticed sumthin’ else “wrong” with it… would seem the inboard gun barrel on the starboard wing got pushed in (it’s even with the center barrel and should be protruding out further as shown on the port side) – oh, well.

  12. i didn’t think tarheel had invasion stripes on top even though jeffery ethell’s did on the dvd…correct me if i’m wrong because i wish it did

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