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Tromboner Messerschmit Bf-109G6R2 1/24

March 10, 2013 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.6K

Here is recently finished big Gustav as you may know some progress steps on forum ( . As it is went in usual progress it become a nightmare with staled decal set ! I tried to recover using Micro Decal Film but solution not satisfied. So I painted most of parcel by masking or free hand (thoose crose eyes) . Fortunately I am happy to finish and push to gallery at last with reasonable finish.

Happy modelling


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  1. said on March 10, 2013

    Wow! That is one very nice 109 !
    The pictures are great too! I've looked at the other planes you've build here on Imodeler and I must say you are talented!

  2. A most impressive build, Ozkan...that engine is amazingly detailed. Excellent photography and fine attention to detail. Bravo to you, sir. A "10" for sure.

  3. A 10 for taking that monster and turning it into a beautiful model.

  4. The camo, as does evertthing else, looks great! My 10 may help with Toms "shaky" hand!

    • BTW, It looks alot like Trumpeters offering in 1/32.

      • Sorry...I'm an i***t. Tromboner!...Ha!

      • It does look like the 1/32 Tromboner kit - even down to the wrong rudder - too narrow in chord. I couldn't figure out how they did that, then I found a photo of a Bf-109 tail, taken from the right rear, with the rudder cocked about 5 degrees to the left, something that would be obvious as can be to anyone looking at it who knew the slightest anything about airplanes, something one cannot assume when it comes to the Tromboner design team, and it is narrrow in chord and slightly mis-shapen, just like the kit, when viewed with the page not flattened down.

        That's the one thing about Tromboner that drives me nuts: they will copy a good kit (like the A-M SBD and TBF, the Tamiya P-47s, the Hasegawa Hurricanes etc.), and the "A" team is in charge of that, then they have the "B" team that does all the kits one tears one's hair out over.

  5. Damn that looks nice...I will have to copy that scheme for one of my 1/48th kits. I love the big eyes. Great job!

  6. Tromboner. In most cases the name fits to a tee. Beautiful work.

  7. Thank you very much to all for kind compliments. I will need these to complete new scratchbuild project 🙂

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