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Tamiya 1/35th scale “Pibber”

Patrol Boat, River (PBR)…I ordered this kit a couple weeks ago from Scalehobbyist. I like to do the occasional “floaty thing” and this looked to be a fairly easy build. I was a little surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) when I opened the box and realized this was a pretty good-sized kit. The hull must be about 9-10″ long. It’s got lots of extra ‘goodies’ with it, including small, medium and large bore weaponry (along with ample crew to man ’em). I think I’m gonna be likin’ this when I finally start buildin’ it here shortly.

This isn’t really a kit review, per se, (there is no Kit Review group), but I just thought the boat was kinda neat and figured I’d share the contents with ya.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses to Tamiya 1/35th scale “Pibber”

  1. It’s a pretty nice kit with just a couple of minor errors.
    The most notable are the lack of scuppers on either side just forward of the house and on the extreme bow.
    Send me a PM, I have a pretty good set of drawings for it.

  2. I remember a built one of these in a diplay case at a hobby shop I used to patronize quite often before it went under. Not being a ship modeler, I could not say if it was accurate or not, still it looked really good for having been built out of the box. Good luck with it Craig.

  3. cool kit Craig.

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