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1/48 Hasegawa F-4J Phantom II

May 14, 2013 · in Aviation · · 22 · 7.8K

Here's one of my older builds, 's F-4J II, which I completed several years ago. Even though the new Academy Phantom probably leaves this kit in the dust as far as detail goes, it's still a great kit, and for many years was the best Phantom in this scale.

I dropped the flaps, folded the wings and scratchbuilt (rather poorly!) wingfold joints, and added aftermarket resin seats and some Eduard photo-etchd canopy mirrors and other pieces in the cockpits. The 'Remove Before Flight' tags are also from Eduard. For markings, I used a now-ancient SuperScale decal sheet to depict a jet from VF-33 deployed aboard USS Independence in the early '70's. I have three more Hasegawa and two Monogram Phantoms in the stash, and have collected decals to build them as Mig-killers.

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  1. fantastic the phantom...and love the white nose...stunning power

    • Thanks, Bob! As much as I love the Hasegawa Phantom, I'll probably break down and get the new Academy F-4B sooner or later. Probably sooner...

  2. Yes Drew still a very good kit. I have the Hase F-4B kit and just got the Academy kit. Amazing, still I will have them both built. The images of your F-4 are excellent, great angles quite impressive with that white nose.

    Fly Navy

  3. The Phantom looks good from here, Drew...nice job. I've got the Academy F-4 and trust me - it ain't all that better. Got lotsa armament (and decals), I'll give it that, but I shelved mine for the time being because it was givin' me fits!
    Take my advice...bide your time with that purchase - wait 'til the price comes down (or wait until you see 'em for sale from other modelers who discover what I did). Anyhow, my .02

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Craig! I'll definitely wait till the price drops quite a bit or I can get it deeply discounted on sale somewhere.

    • It would be interesting to learn more about your experience with the Academy kit. A review, perhaps? - just a suggestion.

      • Ordinarily, I'd try to work something up for a 'review', but I'm not so sure that it was the kits' fault as much as my own doing. I've seen other instances in which the kit was praised over all others, but that also could have been due to the talent(s) of other modelers over myself. I'd rather not slam a kit that may be "buildable" by real craftsmen and shed a bad light on a good kit. I simply don't think (from my own experience) that this offering lived up to all the pre-sale "hype" is all. I'm sure others have a completely different opinion.

    • Craig...what kind of difficulties are you experiencing on the Academy F-4 kit? I'm well into it... what should I look out for?

      • If you're "well into it", then you've probably already passed/completed the stage where I found [problems]. My frustration(s) were with the landing gear and accompanying doors, whereupon I became increasingly annoyed and put it "on the shelf", before my temper got the better of me. In retrospect, I would have built this kit as a 'hanger' and closed everything up (I still may try to do that).

        Now that I go back and look at it, all that's left is to install the canopy, paint & decal. Perhaps it was just ME at that particular junction in my modeling attempt(s). I assume you are having no trouble in the assembly process?

        • You're right...I had the same issue with the landing gear and chose to just leave the linkage off...can't really see it anyway. Now I'm in trouble with the decals. I have ruined one of the large tail decals and will have to find a replacement. The decals are super thin and difficult to move around once placed on the model. On the upside, I have all the stores completed and the rest of the build has gone pretty well.

  4. Great build looks really nice,,,Congrats!...

    The other day on my local hobby shop I saw the Academy Phantom that everybody is talking about and to be honest with you I was not impress at all, and what really put me off was the fact that all the parts are coloured !...I just don't get this Academy approach...unless they are aiming kids!

    cheers mate

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    said on May 15, 2013

    "Liked it" Drew! Never built the Hasegawa F-4 cos they are still a wee bit pricey...I do have the Revell/Monogram one however, and i'm looking forward to building it. Great marking on your Phantom, i too like the white nose!

  6. Phabulous Phantom, Drew! I grew up with Phantoms (and other Navy types) flying low overhead wearing the striking late 60's/early 70's schemes and this was among my favorites. Lovely, restrained weathering.

  7. This a beauty of a Phantom. I think that you can't really go wrong with the Hasegawa kit.

  8. That's a very nice Looking Phantom, Drew.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautifully built Phantom! You did a great job Drew.

  10. clean clean clean love the gray and white phantoms perfection drew

  11. Love the Phantom nice job! I just got a Revell 1/32 F4E in the mail Saturday and found this site today I've been wanting to build a big Phantom since I was in school back in late 70's. I saw 2 of them at the fair some 4H kids had done for a project all camo'd up and dreamed of building one every since. that was also when you could still get the pants scared of of you when they flew through low , fast, and black smoke a rolling!

  12. Very nice work Drew. The Phantom's not that phabulous in my book (just me - don't know why, I usually like ugly airplanes), but you certainly give it some flair. I do well remember a flight 30 years ago this month in the back seat of an F-4E for an article in Air Force magazine, and the Phantom was definitely the best roller-coaster ride I ever had.

  13. Thank you, Tom. As always, I really appreciate it when you comment on my work. And I'm incredibly envious that you have actually flown in a Phantom - what an experience that must have been!

  14. Thanks very much to all who have commented - it means a lot!

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