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A brace of sabres

I thought we could get a series of these beauties going,the German one is the Revel kit ,actually a licence built Canadaire CL130 (correct me if I'm wrong) and the other is the offering,I also have a Tamiya Mig 15 which splits to reveal the powerplant but obviously is much better (being Tamiya!) as the fuselage halves fit back together, where as in this kit that feature is optional so you will need to split fuselage yourself and the once you've cleaned up the faces it no longer fits together, still if you want to show all the inner gubbins that doesn't matter.The trickiest part was getting the yellow and black diagonal stripe to match up .

Your comments please,N.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Stunning work on that Korean version, Neil...I always thought that red stripe that encircled the fighters of that era was the "split line" for the fuselage removal. Yours looks great. Nice job on the finish/markings.

  2. If I remember correctly, the red stripe is painted where the turbine section of the engine starts. It's like a prop warning - let's you know where all the pieces are going to come through the fuselage if a blade in the hot section lets go...

  3. Neil . this IS a real good photography presentation .. GOOD close ups shots .. of a SUPERB build .. you did an awesome job with ALL the details ..
    ESPECIALLY that front part of the plane .. port side ..all this plane needs now is a PILOT ...the canopy closed, and, open is a good shot also .. not too many photos of models show that ..the decals are VERY good looking !
    An excellent job that shows a true modeler's touch !

  4. Great F-86's Neil. I like the Luftwaffe camo Sabre, in fact i have the exact same kit in the stash! The "black tulip" colours on the nose were made in tribute to the then Commander of the Richthofen squadron - Erich Hartman, who flew with the same design of his Me 109 during WWII. You got a great NMF on the other one. Good job!

  5. Cheers Greg, The NMF is just Vauxhall star silver 11 from Halfords recommended to me by a much better modeller than me at my club, are you in contact with your local IPMS ?,hooking up with the warrington lot was the best thing I did.

  6. love those post war luftwaffe birds

  7. I just bought the original 1979 Monogram kit, thanks eBay! Actually considered not opening it, but after seeing your build... there's something about a Sabre with The Baron's shield that screams "Jäger"!

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