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Focke Wulf Fw-190 A5 DML 1/48th scale Luftwaffe WWII

May 15, 2013 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.8K

This Butcher Bird is older than the B-26K, built around 92, it was my first attempt on building a rather complicated Trimaster kit. Reading a review in Scale Modeler pointed out some of the fussiness in the project. But in the end a satisfying one. No AM stuff needed for this kit, PE parts were supplied, white metal landing gear. The decals are from the kit itself. This was also my 2nd attempt on a Luftwaffe scheme, learning how to paint the mottling effect is much better than the previous attempt. The RLM 76 Lichtblau, RLM 75 Grau and RLM 74 Dunkel Grau scheme was applied using Aeromaster Acrylics. (excellent paint, sprayed very well out of the brush) I miss them. The formula was from Polly S. Different from today's Polly Scale, (which is now really Testor ). Flat white for the tail and RLM 02 for the interior and wheel bays. Got this kit at an airshow at a great price. And now haven't seen one in quite awhile, now I believe under the DML/ label. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Nice work, Chuck, but you have managed to make the most common mistake there is with the Fw-190. Furtunately, it's not fatal and can easily be fixed, even at this point.

    The landing gear of an Fw-190 (or any other tail dragger for that matter) does not stick straight down - if it did, it would be knocked off the first time the airplane tried to land. It is cocked forward. If you look straight down on the model, the rear edge of the main gear wheel should just be visible beyond the leading edge of the wing. Also, the landing gear does not stick outboard; it doesn't stick straight down from the underside of the wing at a 90-degree angle to the wing lower surface. In fact, it aims inboard to about the same degree you appear to have it aiming outboard.

    The solution is to page through the models on display here at iModeler and take a good look at the photos of the Fw-190 models, you will see what I am talking about. You can easily cut the gear legs off at the base and re-attach them correctly using cyanoacrylate glue.

    Considering you have made quite a nice model otherwise, taking this extra effort to get it right will be well-repaid by the final result.

    Don't feel bad, every Fw-190 modeler has made a similar mistake at least once. One big problem is that many of the kits are not designed with gear that is mistake-proof; this is in fact one of the major problems with the Trimaster Fw-190 series. About the only models that are designed to be "i***t proof" and get it right regardless are the Hasegawa 1/48 and 1/32 Fw-190 kits.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Nanny gets upset with the word i d i o t?

  3. Yes, thanks for the refresher course Tom, that was pointed out to me when I first showed it off on ARC about 15 years ago. I left as it was and made it a point that the next Fw I build will have the correct stance. At this point this was my first 190 I ever built, and have 3 more in the stash along with a Ta-152. I don't feel bad at all really. I am going to leave it as it is. And just know next time that I am aware of that discrepancy. I didnt build it for show, it was for my pleasure and enjoyment of the hobby. But seeing the real 190 at the Chino Air show I think it was a couple of years ago was a thrill. Thanks for the pointers.

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    said on May 16, 2013

    Like it Chuck, i've never built anyTrimaster kits but have heard they are overly complicated - yours turned out well. What variant of the 190 is this? I don't think i've seen those air? filters either side of the engine cowls before.

  5. Looks like a fine build to me. Like Craig your camera work stands out. The overall package blends together well.

  6. Looks like a 190 to me- great job on the build and camera work!

  7. I gotta give you mad credit & respect, Chuck. I have built three of these Tri-Master kits and all three were a total b***h to get together. Maybe the toe and rake of your landing gear is wrong, but hey, you got the kit together, which is no small task. By the way, if you miss the Aeromaster acrylics, there is a fellow on e-bay who is selling new "old-stock" AM acrylics at a very reasonable price.

    • Wow, I can say b***h but i***t is a no-no...go figure.

    • Morning Seamus, thanks for the comment. And also the lead on the paints will look for that on Ebay. I'm hoping he has Tire Black. When Trimaster came out with their series, with the PE, white metal landing gear, etc, very fine detail. They were the first multi media production kits offered. And pricey as well. And all were a challenge but nice replicas when they are done. Just patience really. I'm in no hurry, usually have several projects going at various stages.
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  8. I think it is VERY well done great job and I would leave the gear aswell

    • Hi Steven and thanks, after that was pointed out , some people have the eye for it, amazing how they can pick out details like that. I didn't want to take a chance to snap off an already fiddly landing gear and then adjust. It is pretty solid now and can live with it. It has withstood several moves over the years. Just assume leave it as it is.

      Fly Navy

  9. That looks great Chuck! Like you, I would leave the gear alone. It seems like every time I try to "retro-fit" some part of a finished model, I live to regret it, lol. That's a 190 to be proud of in my opinion.

  10. Wow, nice one!
    I can recall that Trimaster also had a FW 190 night-fighter with antennas on the wings. It was super-cool...

  11. As a follow up. Italeri now have the molds from Trimaster/DML but all the metal parts are now plastic. I have the Italeri TA-152, and 3 of Tamiya's Fw-190 kits including the Dora. Found 2 different fix it posts in regard to the landing gear on Hyperscale and Cyber modeler, very detailed and informative.

  12. Hi Chuck, nice Butcher Bird! I also agree that the Trimaster/DML (Don’t Match Lines) kits are difficult to build. I believe your model is DML Master Series Fw190 A-5 “Special” Kit #5506. The two enlarged intakes on the cowling were used to increase air flow to the superchargers to increase high altitude performance. Your makings are for 190 A-5/U12 Black 13 W. Nr. 410266 flown by Lt. Erich Hondt Staffelkapitan of 2./JG11 Fall 1943

  13. Eric, exactly what this is. Found the box top to it last night in the garage.(I keep all the box tops after a project,salvage the unused parts as well). Was looking for a Trimaster cover, and it was a DML which makes sense as DML repopped a lot of the original Trimaster kits with the PE and plastic landing gear in some cases. Whats also nice with these subjects is a choice of decals that you don't have to get an AM set.

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