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Grumman OV-1A Mohawk

May 22, 2013 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.9K

It was the Eduard cockpit set that inspired me to build this model…. That and the fact that I had access to the real aircraft. The American Wings Museum is located in the Twin Cities in Minnesota and was created by Mike Langer, who was a member of the Twin City Aero Historians. Mike flew the in Viet Nam and eventually was able to purchase the very same aircraft sometime later. Mikes dream was to restore the Mohawk and fly it to air shows around the country. In the process of completing the restoration American Wings was born. Over the years Mike was able to gather more Mohawk parts and accessories and eventually ended up with several flying examples. I was privileged to be an occasional volunteer on the restoration.

When brought out the 48th scale kit of the Mohawk I knew it was time to get it done and the Eduard cockpit set was the trigger to the project.

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  1. Very nice work on the cockpit. One thing (I think every OV-1 modeler makes this mistake) that was pointed out to me by Ken Lee, the OV-1A pilot who shot down a MiG-17: the side panels do not hinge at the top, but rather from the upper corners; the panel when raised tucks under the top frame. It's amazingly counter-intuitive and one would think Roden would have pointed it out. Of course, after getting mine wrong and fixing it before it went to Ken, I then found dozens of photos pointing this out, all of which I had seen before and hand't noticed that small but important bit.

  2. Tom... Thanks for the heads up. I'll look for photos that show that and will correct it if it is an easy fix.

  3. Looks good from here, Jack...very nice job.

  4. Hey Jack, nice build really, I like the Mohawk it looks like a tough bird. You did a great job on yours and I have read that the kit is not an easy build. I found a picture the demonstrates Tom's comment. I just don't know how to post it here in a reply.

  5. Nice model Jack. My dentist flew those in 'Nam about a thousand years ago.


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    said on May 23, 2013

    Very nice model Jack - great intricate detail in the cockpit. I dunno much about the Mohawk but it looks great!

  7. Thanks I hope I can fix it without screwing it up.

  8. Jack that is a great example I wish I waited for the detail set to come out before building mine but the kit was pretty nicely detailed oob I got the window hinges right but I must confess it wasn't intentional I got lucky I do believe you did a fine job it looks marvoulas

  9. Nice work on an unusual but very effective aircraft. Haven't had the honor to get one of Roden's Mohawks, it is on the list. But with so many new kits being released this year from new companies and established ones, it is one of the most prolific years that I can remember that has new kits coming out as much as what has been released this year and still much more to be released as the year goes along. Jack your Mohawk is nicely done.

    Fly Navy

  10. Chuck...Glad you liked it. It was the article on the cockpit set that got my attention first. I bought the cockpit set before I bought the kit. I would someday like to build the B model with the SLAR boom in a grey scheme. Roden does a good job with this subject.

  11. said on May 25, 2013

    Jack .. AGAIN .. a VERY GOOD piece of work .. you did one thing that you don't see much of .. feathered props ! LOVE that cock-pit, and the expertly
    done details ... keep up the good "work" ...

  12. Ray... I'm not a pilot, but have ridden in enough region airliners to know they feather props on a turboprop so they do not windmill. Thanks for your remarks.

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