He-219 1/72 From the back of the display case.

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Another in my series from the back of the display case. This time a real oldie, built over 33 years ago. Inspired by reading 'Night Fighter' by C.F. Rawnsley, my intent was to build a display of scale WW II night fighters centered around the Beautifighter used by the team of John Cunningham and Rawnsley. I managed to complete the He- 219 seen here, an Airfix P-61B, a Monogram F-82G and F7F-3N never getting to the Beaufighter!

This He219 is a bit of a mutt, combining the airframe of the kit and the landing gear, radiators, exhaust and propellers of the , a stretch-formed canopy was used over a basic cockpit. About the only thing of note is my first attempt at what I would consider a complex paint scheme, and the markings (except for the "G9) are painted with home made stencils. Paints used were enamels from the Pactra and Testors line, mixed via the TLAR method and shot through my dad's Paasche H airbrush. A custom display base and a snazzy Dymo label completed the project! A DML kit of the He-219 awaits in the stash, it will be interesting to see the comparison! I'll see if I can get some pics of the rest of the nocturnal predators posted. Eric F. aka Yankymodeler

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  1. Thirty-three years ago...?! And you still have it...?! AND the antenna wires and radar array aren't broken..?!
    Or is it just the pictures that you have? 🙂
    In any event, an outstanding build, Eric.

  2. Lol, believe it or not, thats the way it looks right now! My dad and I have a mini-museum with built-in cases. Goes a long way protecting the models.

  3. That is such a cool He-219, seen a few built in 48th scale, but even then you dont see them often. Very well done, and after 33 years it looks like you just finished it, no yellowing, all the antennas still intact. Very nice, I have some approaching 20 years old now, and despite several moves have survived (though a couple needed some maintenance) over the years. I do have one of the Tamiya kits which will be a long term project once I get to it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That makes me want to break out my 32 Revell one. I really like that camo

  5. 33 years ago this model had to be years ahead of its time. Can't remember seeing enything this fine back around 1980... A special thank you for sharing this.

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    said on June 30, 2013

    Great job Eric. The old Revell kit was reissued recently. I wish Tamiya would put out one in 1/72 as their 1/48 is fantastic. Nice display base too!

  7. that model was unbuildable...your a glutton for punishment...very nice job

  8. Eric,
    You have done a wonderful job on this model. The fact that it is 1/72 makes it all the more amazing. I have recently come on the scene so I went back to look at your articles. I am indeed impressed with the "Yankymodeler" I particularly like your Arri Hellcat and the Orion. Very very nice.

  9. Thank you to all! It's nice to go back home once in awhile and relive the early simpler days. Sometimes it seems as if I become so obsessed with accuracy that some of the fun gets lost. Can't forget that 'it's only a hobby"!

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