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iModeler Review: 1/48 Hobby Boss Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9

So, Martin asked me if I was interested in doing the kit and I said yes and a week later the box arrived.

Of the four Dora-9 kits out there in 1/48 (Dragon/Trimaster/Italerei, Tamiya, Eduard and now Hobby Boss) it is obvious Hobby Boss studied the competition.

Unlike Tamiya and Trimaster, the Hobby Boss kit has the visible engine section in the open gear well center section. Unlike the over-done Eduard kit, which also has that option, this is not so fiddly and gives you “enough” (you can’t see half of the Eduard interior there once assembled; all it does is contribute to the uber-fiddliness of that kit overall). Like the Tamiya kit, it is easy to assemble, but unlike the Tamiya kit it is accurate with landing gear that isn’t too short and wheels that aren’t too small. I used no putty or surfacer on any seam in the assembly, which probably took a bit over 90 minutes once the parts in the cockpit area and the engine area had been painted. It does make the mistake of having the single shell ejector chute in the lower wing center section of the lower wing like the early-release Tamiya kit (but then Eduard has the double ejector chutes on their Fw-190D-13 model). Like the Hasegawa 190s, the main gear is designed to align correctly without a lot of fiddling. If you use the open cowl flaps option, you need to be sure to close the one at 3 o’clock ahead of the intake, which the kit part has molded open – not a big deal to fix.

The decals are kinda/sorta OK. I ended up using an old Eagle Cals sheet “Dora 9s of JG 54 and JG 26” to do the otherwise-anonymous “Brown 16” of III/JG 26. This was an early Dora-9 with the “flat top” canopy, which I robbed from the leftovers of the Hasegawa Fw-190A-9 kit; the canopy is actually a bit long in the closed position but this is not noticed in the open position. The model was painted with Xtracrylix: RLM 66 for the cockpit, RLM 02 for the engine comapartment/wheel wells/landing gear, RLM 76, 82, 83 applied freehand for the exterior finish.

Overall, this is the best Dora-9 currently available in 1/48. It is more accurate while being less fiddly than the competition, meeting my Grand Mean of “good enough is good enough and perfect is a pain in the posterior.”

Fortunately Eagle Cals has several sheets with well-known Dora-9s, as does Lifelike Decals, so if you don’t have all those long-OOP sheets from 10 years ago, there’s still plenty of options.

I’ll definitely build another one.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to iModeler Review: 1/48 Hobby Boss Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9

  1. Nice review, and another fabulous 190!

  2. Thanks for the review. Considering that the Fw 190 is already thoroughly covered in 1/48 scale, I was looking forward to see how Hobby Boss would fare in the wasps’ nest. A pleasant surprise I must say…

  3. Thanks for the review, very useful!

  4. This is where the sun,moon and the stars all line up and allow the modeler to shine. This kit and the painting, the photo’s and of course the article are one of the stand out in a long line of articles. What ever Mojo your using TC, pass it along. Some strong photo’s in the 10 additional column.
    A build worthy of a “10” and “You like this”.

    Dora’s are not my fav kits but, a job well is job done well indeed. Better than Government work too.

    Two thumbs up.

    Two thumbs up.

  5. Thanks for the review, Tom.
    I would have expected the HB Dora to be shrunken version of the maligned Trumpeter 1/24th scale offering but that does not seem to be the case.
    Good news indeed!

  6. fine job and review of a subject you never seem to tire of

  7. It looks good indeed, and better in the clear parts than Eduard, those being here correctly 20% narrower in the armored glass winscreen (5 vs 6+ mms). Bulged canopy is equivalent to Hasegawa’s, and thus way, way ahead of Eduard…

    The Eduard kit does look like it might be more accurate in terms of overall depth below the windscreen to the top of the wing. G.

  8. Very nice renderiing of the best piston engined fighter the Germans had if you leave the Ta 152 in its small numbers out.

    Decent kit with a decent price (ref. Jerry Rutman) and Hobby Boss did a fairly good job with only a small list of errors that may be repaired, indeed.


  9. Mr. Cleaver fails to mention, that if using the open flap cowling option, you have to excise the plastic between the individual flaps. As cast, the flaps would be fine for a Ta-152, but they’re incorrect for a D-p. Hal Sr

  10. Well, I’ll be another person that have purchased the kit after reading this review. From he looks of it in the box, I like it! It looks like a serious contender compared to any other Fw 190D in this scale. .

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