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1/48th Tamiya F4U-1

This is the first of three of the same kit I recently acquired through an E-Bay sale. One of the other two in the stash, I plan on doing as a very early Corsair in NMF and the third…well, I haven’t decided (I’m open to suggestions).

I used Model Master Intermediate Blue as an overall color. The national insignia were kit decals and the numbers, etc. were outta the spares box. The antenna wire is that stretchy stuff (I forget the name right now), which I got in Pensacola at Bobe’s Hobby Shop years ago.

Having depleted my old supply of Future, I used some of that “new and improved” Pledge stuff that’s supposed to be the same thing – it ain’t. It doesn’t have near the shiny finish the old stuff did. BUT…I didn’t want it shiny anyway and the decals went on “ok”. I brushed some Testor’s Dull-Cote over ’em to seal ’em (which I woulda done anyhow to get a matte finish).

All the gear doors closed nicely with no filler(s) – the flaps, on the other hand, looked pretty daunting to me at the time. They would’ve required some major plastic surgery to get them installed in the up position, so I quit while I was ahead.
I applied just a tad of weathering here and there with Doc O’Brian’s “weathering powders”.

Apparently, I didn’t get the cockpit assembly in quite the exact location, because I had a difficult time gettin’ those two “half-sections” behind the canopy to line up and close correctly. Lesson learned for the others, I guess. In any event, I’m stickin’ a fork in it and callin’ it done (for now).

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15 responses to 1/48th Tamiya F4U-1

  1. very nice corsair Craig a real beauty what about an air racer version just a thought

  2. Nice, clean build Craig! Is that the “E-Z Line” product? What are you using for your background – I like it?

    • E-Z line….yeah, that’s it. The background is simply three pieces of black signboard (I “acquired” it from the speedway when workin’ last speedweeks). I’ll be back there this week for the Coke Zero 400 – never know what I’ll ‘find’….:)

  3. Great looking bird. Looks like a real Bad…well you know what I mean!

  4. Craig,
    Very nice, I like the way you photographed it. All corsairs are beautiful but I like the Bird cage the best. Can’t wait for the new Tamiya 1/32 kit.

  5. Good looker. Second the motion for an air racer.

  6. Craig…… Great looking Corsair and sharp photos as well. Should you entertain the idea of a racing scheme for a future Corsair project I would recommend:

  7. Hey Craig, that’s real purdy. I love the photo booth also and the lighting from above is just right.

  8. It’s beautiful, Craig, I particularly like the subtle weathering.

  9. Nice Corsair Craig, I gotta ask tho’, why do you never (seem to ) use the kit decals?? Tamiyas are usually ok!

  10. Nice looking Corsair Craig, it looks nice flying, just need to put a smoking zero with it!

  11. Another great plane Craig! You are a machine dude, keep ’em coming!

  12. The plane is wicked good, the photography is GREAT! Exposure to this site gives one “new” ideas in every facet of modeling, now, new ideas of photo backdrops and lighting.

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