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Academy 1/48 CH-46D Sea Knight

Just finished up this evening….or at least as finished as it’s probably gonna get. There were dozens and dozens of various other stenciling and markings, but 90% of ’em were in light gray. Seein’s how that’s the paint scheme I chose, why bother doin’ all that if they’re barely gonna be visible (at least in scale). Masking the clear parts wasn’t as difficult as I’d first imagined, although I still hate doin’ it. Ya wouldn’t know it, but the inside’s pretty well detailed as well. I think other than the Blackhawk I did in Border Patrol livery some time back, this is the first rotary-wing model I’ve done in quite a while – at least that I can remember (which ain’t a whole lot any more). Overall fit was good and there were no real assembly issues to deal with. The rear loading door could be assembled in 3 different options. The rotor blades, however, could only be assembled as you see them – no option to fold them in a stowed configuration (makes for a bigger display area now). The panel lines were drawn in with a mechanical pencil and sealed (along with the minimal decal selections), with dull-cote. This was the kit that had the red, white and blue stars and stripes on the nose as one of the options – I thought it a tad gaudy myself. Needless to say, I have a ton of decals left over. Some of the pics may seem duplicated, but I was experimenting with using the overhead desk light vs. just the camera’s flash. I don’t see a discernable difference. I’m on a roll!

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16 responses to Academy 1/48 CH-46D Sea Knight

  1. Another cleanly built kit. How often do you finish a kit?

  2. Craig,
    Very nicely done. You did an excellent job on this model. It looks great.

  3. Beautiful Phrog Craig, my last squadron HSC21 had previously been HC 11 a long time 46 outfit prior to converting to the MH-60S. The former Phrog pilots spoke of theme with reverence, you did a great job, they would love it I am sure!

  4. Very nice clean build Craig.

  5. Nice build, I like the low viz scheme you chose. “Don’t need no stinking stencils” I always tell everybody they were painted over at the (tiny) maintenance depot!

  6. I like it Craig. It reminds me of all the times and experiences I have had with 46s in 17 years in the Nav. Once or twice even an upside down one.

  7. That’s really nice Craig. Makes me want to rethink my recent decision to get away from assembling helicopter kits for a time. Although I’ve spent lots of time in Chinooks, I have not built a kit of any version of the big helos. Your build may change that for me also.

  8. I with you on the stencil issue…

  9. one of your best to date…great job

  10. Excellent, Craig, it looks great. One model a week, maybe you should go into business!

  11. Well done Frank, do I agree with you about not able to fold the rotor blades, funny not as large as an F-14 which can take a lot of space with wings extended, helo rotors do take a large amount of space. Especially the larger helos. I have this kit as well as the 53 Sea Stallion. And at this time space is limited to try to build either one. Just rounding up the bits and pieces in the meantime.

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