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Creative Displays Montage

My first post of this nature was so well received, that I thought I’d share some final shots with you all. Again, these were taken at local, regional and even national shows. Matter of fact, if I recall, that Bronco won best of show at the Nats in Virginia Beach when I was there last.

The imagination captured in some (well…ALL) of these builds is beyond compare. And for sheer madness, the thought and detail – and work – that went into that last one is mind-boggling.

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses to Creative Displays Montage

  1. There’s one thing a lot of people don’t get about a diorama. To do one and get it right, you have to be *right*, because anything less is going to scream at a person, and the more “it ain’t rocket science” the necessary research, the more obvious the Number One Modeling Failure – “failure to do proper research” – looks.

    Most of these are beautiful examples of proper research, with everything done to the same skill level (never put figures in a diorama if they aren’t going to be as good as the machinery sitting there). There are two here, both involving Corsairs (hint: #15 is just fine) where you want to find the modeler and look him in the eye and ask “WTF were you thinking???!!”

    Just a 10 minute review of available photos of F4U-1 Corsairs on carrier decks (10 minutes would exhaust just about all of them) would reveal the ordnance glitch there. Reading through William Green’s 53 year old account of the development of the Corsair (i.e., the problem is not “new news”), plus 5 minutes spent looking at photos of VF-17 Corsairs (not stuff you have to look far to find), would solve the big boo-boo there.

    Sorry for the rant, but these guys should get jobs as warbird owners: spend a million dollars making it airworthy and don’t spend 50 cents making it look right.

    And as I say, the mistakes are more noticeable put against all the other photos of dioramas where people did the necessary research.

    Of course, there is always the standard “let’s sit bombs next to airplanes that are being worked on, it’s such a safe procedure.”

    The F-5E, the C-47, the dangling Twogar (which is based on a real incident) and the garage are the Gold Standard of what to aspire to.

  2. beautiful stuff…appreciated

  3. Craig, thanks for showing these, I’m itching to have a go at a simple dio but just haven’t got a clue where to start , it’s like a black art ! I did have a go with the Airfix WW1 tank in my gallery and I have posed my X wing in flight but I want to do something more.Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Craig .. the Bronco just needs chocks .. BUT IS so realistic looking… AND the
    six sitting on the flight appears to be ready for the pilots to be running to get in … GREAT builds . AND GOOD photography on ALL of your posts !!! keep up with your AWESOME BUILDS !!

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