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Hawker Typhoon Airfix 1/72.

August 22, 2013 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.3K

Having just got back into this hobby and seeing the posts, I thought I would add my little Tiffie.
I know that it is not that brilliant and that the standards here are very good but to read and learn from the comments will help me no end.

Made out the box, using Tamiya acrylics and weathering powders.
Camo on the upper surfaces was done free hand.

Please feel free to pass comments good , bad or indifferent.

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  1. These Airfix kits are charming and affordable and a great way of returning to hobby. The Tiffies are one of there better boxing too. I'm seeing lots of them on the forms.

  2. Welcome aboard. Your first post is a winner. I'm not big on weathering myself but yours looks good.

  3. I like the attention to detail you've shown...the weathering/finish/paint looks very realistic. I like it.

  4. Simon,
    Welcome back after so many years. If this is an example of one of your first models since your return it shows you have not forgotten your skills. This looks very good.

  5. Standards? We're just a bunch of guys doing something we love. Welcome.

  6. What we "know" and what "is" are frequently two different things. "Not that brilliant" are not words that come to my mind when looking at this very nice project.

    If you want a helpful comment, you need to tighten down your airbrush. You should be thinning your paint a minimum of 60% paint - 40% thinner, and using a fine tip for whatever airbrush you have. Get a pressure regulator so you can insure you're shooting at a good pressure. For this kind of work, I shoot at 13-15psi. You should be able to tighten down to get a line drawn about the same as a thick pencil line, let it up a bit to fill in the areas. Apply thin coats and build up till you get the depth of color and coverage you want.

    You look off to a good start otherwise.

    • Cheers Tom, My set up has got a regulator, I am using a .3 tip I think, any how its a dual action Expo that my good wife brought me as my first airbrush, thinking of up-grading to an Iwata at some stage ,
      I will keep in mind what you have said and will try it out in the future.
      Kind regard Tom and thank you.

  7. It's good man !

  8. Hi Simon! Excellent, where's my Airfix Typhoon? 🙂 As Tom has said learning to use an airbrush takes most of us, well I guess most of us, a fair degree of practice. I've had one for years and I'm still learning. It seems that getting the paint/thinner ratio just right is half the battle. But once learned you'll never look back. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your next project. Kind regards, Nick

    • Hi Nick, yes getting use the art of airbrushing is something that I am on a steep learn curve at the moment. I only got one 8 months ago and must asay that the finish is much better than brush painting Tamiya acrylics.
      It is only a cheap airbrush/compressor combo about 100 pound mark, but it will do for now.
      Once I have got more use to it and feel a lot more confident , then I may up gradeto a better airbrush, poss an Iwata dual action, not sure yet. Depends on what SWMBO says.

  9. Way to go, Simon ! Lookin' good !

  10. I would just like to say a big thank you for the kind comments posted here, It has got my mojo back.

    Hope to post more in the near future.


  11. Well, let me start out by saying that I think your Typhoon is brilliant, especially when one considers that you have just returned to the hobby (by the way...welcome back). As far as the airbrushing bit is concerned, it is always a learning process (take it from a guy who attended art school) and owning a high end airbrush/compressor will not make you a better painter. Learn to use what you have then move up as needed. Hell, I have two high end Iwatas which I purchased in the early 90's and still have not used because I have found that I can get spectacular results from my Aztek 470 and cheapo dental compressor. It is talent, not the tool, that makes for a well finished model.

  12. I can't comment on the airbrushing as I don't have one here, but the pictures good to me. Welcome back to the hobby, let's see the next one!

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