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1/48th Monogram Me-262

Another of the older Monogram offerings just completed this evening. I had been waiting on some decals from yet another generous fellow modeler to complete it. I thought sure I had some appropriate markings in the stash, but alas, none to be found save a few. The subtle camo was done quickly and simply with some weathering powders. Black poster board and a black cloth (and stand) make for a stark background for a light-colored model – with no extra lighting apart from the overhead room light itself.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to 1/48th Monogram Me-262

  1. NOW I notice that those “3’s” aren’t symmetrical. Ya ‘spose the German ground crews ever did that by mistake? I’m bettin’ they did (and probably worse). Oh well…..I ain’t fixin’ it, so there.

  2. Nice to see you back on the bench Craig. I don`t think that mis-aligned decals is something that the ground crew would worry about.
    Nice use of contrast for the pics , something I will have to think about in the future.
    Very subtle paint scheme Craig, I like it.

  3. Very nicely finished, Craig, but, man, you need to get an iron on that black cloth!

  4. looks great…i love that model

  5. Hey, it’s different! I like that. Way to go Craig.

  6. Nice work on a true classic!

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