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Yet another old build dusted off and presented for your dining and dancing pleasure. This time an old Revell (?) 48th scale Heinkel bomber. Don’t see a lot of these kits built anymore for some reason. It would appear that my somewhat sloppy techniques haven’t improved a whole lot since then. I know the reason, too. I’m always in a hurry to get them done. I dunno why…I’m certainly not on any timetable.

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8 responses to He-111

  1. Your right, Craig. I wonder why we don’t see more of the 1/48 German multi-engine stuff built. This looks like a pretty decent kit. We all wanted this stuff for years, and when it came out, it ended up in our stash instead of our shelves. Speaking for myself, it was a combination of reasons: 1) I’m too lazy, 2) they take more shelf space, 3) I get a little intimidated by all the “Luftwaffe Experten”. Now, where did I put that 1/72 BV-222 ?

  2. Looks like a Heinkel to me. Dancing?

  3. Very nice Craig now if I only had the room.

  4. Very Well done, Craig. I like the He 111 and have 2 in my stash, the H-6 and the late H-20.

  5. Nice build Craig, I have built this kit and it is quite good. I don’t believe I used much if any putty, it took a little fitting and sanding but went together beautifully right out of the box. Funny for as much as I build 1/48th Luftwaffe aircraft I have only built three 109’s, everything else is multi engine, bf 110, he 111, he 219, fw 200, Ar 234, Me 262, Do 335, Me 410. I just seem drawn to the larger aircraft. I still have 5 bf 110’s in my stash, 3 He 111, 2 Do 217, a He 177, and 219 along with others. I just need the time to build them. Don’t let the “Experten” guys get to you, what was once taken as gospel keeps getting changed as research and new data surfaces. Just have fun with it.

  6. Craig,
    You did an excellent job on this. This is another of those airplanes that are so ugly that they are beautiful. You have brought the beauty out in this one. I have built a number of these but the photos of them are on film not digital and I have a real bad time trying to get them into articles. I enjoyed building this kit also.

  7. I remember when it was released by Monogram, I am almost sure it was in 1994. I’ve seen a few of them since then but far from enough of them 🙂 ! I think that even if they are fascinating models they are simply too big for most builders to keep when finished!

    Nice work Craig!


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