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Monogram 1/48 JU-87-G1 Stuka

This is another one of my “old” (circa 1968) Monogram kits recently acquired. This was a pretty straightforward build with not a lotta ‘extra’ pieces/parts included. It’s strictly the tank buster version with the two 37mm gun pods being the only armament offered in the kit. The decals were toast, so I used some scraps (actually, someone else’s scraps) and thank goodness for canopy mask sets. Although the one I had was designed for the Hasegawa kit and wasn’t an exact match (but close enough for me). This only took me a few days – and not many hours – as is most probably painfully evident to the ‘experten’ out there, but so what…it passed the time. And It is just a hobby, right?

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12 responses to Monogram 1/48 JU-87-G1 Stuka

  1. Looks good to me, Craig, and if you enjoyed the build, all the rest is secondary.

  2. I agree with with Joe, Craig, you’ve got to enjoy it. Anyway, I don’t think we see enough Stukas.

  3. Good job, Craig! These old Monogram kits always bring a smile to my face..

  4. Craig,
    Nice looking model. For me, this is the best looking Stuka. Good ol Monogram.

  5. Another good one Craig. You have to be the most prolific builder on this site. Where do you put them all?

  6. nice looking bird,mean looking with those twin cannon

  7. Really nice Craig Im with Frank best looking stuka

  8. Nice job Craig. The canopy paint really stands out, very nice paint job over all.

  9. Craig, Nicely done… can you imagine what kind of noise those cannon must have made? Being on the receiving end was not fun it would bet!

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