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Monogram TBD Devastator

Next off the old Monogram ‘assembly’ line is the Devastator. I had built one some time back as the torpedo version, so I opted to assemble this one with the (100lb.?) bombs. Again, the previous build was open canopy, therefore, gun stowed and canopies closed here – thank God for canopy masks! I sorta leaned toward the Intermediate Blue over gray/off-white rather the the colorful pre-war markings. Speaking of markings, as is the case with the majority of my stuff, they’re completely fictitious (as far as I know). Still have the [really] old Avenger to build. Since I’ve done the AM version in this same scheme, I’ll probably go with the Atlantic scheme of Gray/White.

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14 responses to Monogram TBD Devastator

  1. Craig,
    This looks great. One heck of a job. I like the old Monogram kit and I think it serves the Devestator well. I like this.

  2. Good job, Craig. Looks just like it’s supposed to !

  3. Well done and nice paint work.

  4. Very nice finish again, Craig, especially the canopy framing. I also like the picture with the crew member very much.

  5. Nice work on a classic Monogram kit. Even though their is now a more modern kit available from Great Wall, still this kit still holds its own. Also the fun of building is taking artistic license on our own to build for ourselves. I myself will not always be accurate in markings or build a variant that is not quite accurate for the markings. Still it is for me. And like you enjoy the hobby for myself. Good job Craig, I need to break out my Monogram kit and get crackin.

  6. Looks just right. How many airbrushes havecyou worn out on the “assembly line.”
    Well done.

  7. I remember these from waaaaaaayyyyy back. Nice finish Craig.

  8. Nice “Wind Indicator” Craig. The painting of the canopy frame is excellent, it makes the model….Great job.

  9. very well done Craig you are a model factory just keep on cranking them out

  10. u gotta admit,for their day,monogram had the best kits out there

  11. Great work, Graig! The old Monogram TBD is one of my favorite kits.

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