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Achtung, Spitfire!

October 19, 2013 · in Aviation · · 33 · 4.4K

Sometime in mid-December of last year, while attending a meeting of the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society (my chapter of the IPMS), I came across this kit being sold 2nd hand for $25.00 with an Eduard photo-etch set and a Masters Productions horizontal tail stabilizer set thrown in. While I would not go as far as to say that this kit was a “sow's ear”, it sure as heck was not a “Silk purse” either. I found it very reminiscent of a classic Monogram kit, correct in size and dimension, but needing a bit of work to bring it up to snuff. Why the hell not? Isn't that what scale modeling is all about?

This build was a series of firsts for me. It was the first kit I had built in over twenty years. It was the first time I re-scribed a whole fuselage as opposed to a line here and there. It was the first (and definitely the last) time I scribed 60+ “Dsus” fasteners around the cowling. It was the first time I used masks to paint the national insignias, code letters, serial numbers, fuselage band, fin flash, walkways, and gun covers. It was the first time decaling only took twenty minutes. Finally, it was the first time I ever posted any of my work on a web-site (six in all in the WIP section.

The only money I spent on this model was $8.00 for a Barracudacast resin upgrade set for the cockpit and $10.00 for a set of Montex painting masks. Everything else was either scratch-built or sourced from the spare parts bin. For a grand total of $43.00, I think this kit can hang in with any of these newer 1/32 kits which cost over $100.00. I am sold on 1/32 scale, but I think I will knock out a few 1/48 kits before attempting another 1/32.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic job all-around, sir...very nice work.

  2. Well Seamus, all that time and work sure paid off... what a pearl of a Spitfire! Beautifully done all the way around. Those decal rivets you used around the wing/fuselage area look great and the time put into the “Dsus” fasteners and the painted on details paid off in Aces. You hit a homer with this for sure.

  3. Fantastic job S, well worth the time taken.

  4. Was wondering where you had gone, and it's now all clear. Nicest looking Spit I've seen in a long while. Superior work, once again.

  5. Seamus , its a beaut sir . After reading the wips and now seeing it in all its glory, you have done yourselt very proud. Also the outlay shows that you do not have to spend $s to make a kit look good.
    Top marks.

  6. Brilliant model, Seamus, you must be very pleased with the result after all that hard work. I really like the display base as well as the actual aircraft, it really sets it off

  7. Beautifully built and well displayed.

  8. Now that's a Ten and a "Gold" trophy. Seamus, you may have spent 43.00 dollars on materials but, you've created a Gold Mine of viewing pleasure and have some real talent. The model looks like one of those kits done for a book on how to build a early Spitfire. Only your not using the latest and greatest in plastic.

    Two thumbs up.

  9. That's awesome Seamus. What kit is this?

  10. Perfect, just perfect

  11. Great stuff, Seamus. Nice to see you don't need to invest 'super kit' money to achieve an accurate and accomplished build.

    • No respectable scale modeler should have to invest a large sum of money to achieve a great build. All one needs to invest is some time, patience, and a bit of work.

  12. Very nice. I like the base too.

  13. The planes' pretty good but the cracked runway with the grass growing through it is pure genius! Also the pilot looks dapper in his flight suit but the casual toss of the white scarf is killer. It's the "little details" that, to me, make a great model an exceptional model and your model is exceptional.

    • Mike, it would seem that you and I are cut from the same cloth. I believe the Devil is in the details. That is probably why it takes me so long to complete something.

  14. Thanks for all the kind comments, lads. By the way, this is Revell of Germany's 1/32 Spitfire Mk.I/II Kit #5516. It was released a long time ago and all it is, is the old Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire Mk.V kit with a new set of wings, exhausts, and propeller. The wings have engraved panel lines while the panel lines on the fuselage are raised. This kit builds up nice OOB but as I am a Spitfire fanatic, I wanted to do it justice. Supposedly ROG were to have released an all new tooled 1/32 Spitfire Mk.II this past August to follow up their new 1/32 Bf109G-6, but so far I have not seen it yet. No matter, I entered my Spitfire in the Hudson Valley Historical Miniatures Guild Show yesterday where it took a 1st in it's category as well as the peoples choice award. Not bad for her first time out.

  15. That kit dates from 1968. Knowing it pretty well, I am truly impressed with what you have accomplished here - a triumph of modeling skill and artistic talent. Just superb overall. And yes, the devil is in the details - take care of the details and the rest takes care of itself so long as you have a vision you're working towards.

  16. Wow! Very beautiful job! Those wheel cholks, awesome! Like some of the guys have mentioned before it's all in the details. Don't ask me why, but for some reason i miss a little white fox-terrier standing next to the pilot... looking up and wagging it's tail...

    • Funny you should mention a fox-terrier. I definitely wanted a dog sitting/standing next to the pilot. I looked high and low but could not find a dog in 1/32 scale. There were plenty of dogs in 1/35, but the size difference is way too noticeable. I am still looking for a good 1/32 dog as I can always add it to this build.

  17. spectacular like everything you touch

  18. Fantastic build, great paint, and weathering. Wow makes it a great investment!

  19. Gorgeous, just beautiful! I know we're on the same page, cost wise, but you're way ahead in the "putting it to good use" column. This is just a great build, no matter how much or how little was spent. Congrats.

  20. Seamus,
    This has been well worth the wait. My hat is off to you. What a fabulous job you have done. I parrot every one of the above compliments you have received. Your first place award is well deserved.

  21. That's one absolutely great Spitfire!



  22. Beauty! I Like It!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  23. Wow, she is a beaut Seamus! Well done sir. 🙂

  24. Outstanding work Seamus! The pilot could stand alone as well. Well done!

  25. Very nice built. This inspired me to start to my 1/32 Hasegawa MkII

  26. Hi Seamus,

    Only one word... WHAOU!

    Your wonderful Spitfire hurts my eyes...

    Best regards, Eric from France

  27. Beautiful Spitfire. I agree, you can never have too many. 🙂

  28. If you've been around the aviation modelling forums for a while you will have looked at a fair number of Spits of all sizes and marks. Few stand out but yours I will rmember for a very long time! It is a thing of beauty and not only a tribute to you and your skill but a worthy tribute to 'the few'. Many thanks for sharing.

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