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Liquatex Acrylic Inks

October 2, 2013 · in How-to · · 2 · 0.8K

OK I have this friend that is in the club that I am a member of that comes up with many new and wondrous ideas, well since I am new to this hobby its wondrous to me. He was telling us how he uses these acrylic inks for most of his model painting, especially weathering.

OK, I went to HL today and flopped out my card for four bottles of the stuff,$ 27.00 worth,an d excitedly took them home to try out. A piece of scrap wing, set the compressor at 18 psi and gave it a go. For me using inks is new to me and maybe others have used them also but I am sold. These things cling to the plastic as well as most acrylics on primer. I shot this with out primer and after about 15 minutes I noticed that they were pretty self leveling. I then gave it the tape test. tape doesn't lift the paint and neither does regular masking tape.

The metallic silver has a coarser grain to it and dries about the consistency of the Model Master paint, the other colors shot very well and dried in 15 minutes. The finish showed no indications of any orange peel, bubbles or runs. Ill find out soon enough how the black looks on a finished product. If all goes well I shall buy more of this stuff to add to my already bulging paint stores.

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  1. Thanks for this, Paul, I'll look out for these inks.

  2. i've seen extraordinary Luftwaffe camo done with them ...they have been part of the illustrators art forever...comics and graphics and such...they have a neat see through really need a very special expensive airbrush for optimum effect but they are real art

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