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1/48 Monogram B-25J Mitchell Bomber

November 2, 2013 · in Aviation · · 17 · 4.3K

The series was "state of the art", before the Accurate Miniatures versions, and still builds up into a decent replica, for half the cost. Mine was straight OOB, using the kit decals. It comes with a fairly complete interior, at least all I need or can see.
. I've always liked medium bombers, and Monogram (now, Revell) does not disappoint. Their complete line of the major B-25 types, along with the B-26, and A-26, will certainly fill a shelf fast. I

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  1. Nice Joe. Tell us about the NMF.

  2. The Monogram B-25 may not be as state of the art as the Accurate Miniature's offerings, but it is the only "J" model in 1/48. As always, the old Monogram kits still hold their own against the newer ones. Real nice job on this one Joe, especially the NMF.

  3. Nice one, Joe! Can't knock those old Monogram kits, they do build into nice models.

  4. Thanks Guys. I hate to diappoint about the NMF, but it was just a couple different cans of Krylon and some masking tape. Nothing special, or overly expensive. Shades can also vary with and without clears, both flat and gloss. Besides the cost, I like to use paint that is readly available., when I need it.

  5. Looks great. I have seen that kit on the shelf and always liked the nose markings. First time I have seen the built model with it on, and it really makes the plane stand out. The finish worked well, and it doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Your patience and craftsmanship got a good result with a common product. Enjoyed the photos.

  6. Just a bit of forward fire power!

  7. Hey is that one of those flying zombie killers? Nice build, I like the NMF and that nose art, something different is always a plus.

  8. I'd argue that the Monogram B-25 is better than the newer release kits. The engine cowlings or the face openings are more accurate. The nose glazing and its out line is accurate and Monogram may not have created a perfect engineered model in the fit depart however, with patience and a little care they do play the part of being a B-25 very well given their age.

    One concession that I will give ...the exterior cockpit armored plate just below the windows are molded too far back. The rectangular plate should butt up or fall on the break line of the bombardier compartment right at the nose glazing line. The plate had the outer edges filled with wood strips and doped canvas.

    I might add that when you look at Hasegawa's B-25 in 1/72nd scale they used the Monogram kit for some of their research has the same armor plate arrangement.

    I never met a B-25 I didn't like. Joe did some really strong work on this solid nose classic.

  9. Lovely job there Joe. Were the nose decals easy to apply?
    Great finish to it as well. Another fine build .

  10. Love those classic Monogram bombers, I need to re-vist those great kits again, beautiful build, just beautiful!

  11. Joe, you've done it again! This proves that new is not better, nor old is badder.

    Your old stuff is better than most folks newest creations!

    • I completely conquer that older can definitely be better; '65 mustang fastback vs new, Rolling Stones catalog vs any new artists and many of Monograms old 1/48th kits vs new...if you are willing to put in the time!

  12. well done joe

  13. See I looked at her again, this is going to make me want to get out my credit card! Nooooo must resist stash too big already... 🙂 I cannot remember the last time I built one of the classic Monogram bombers, thanks for sharing this I enjopyed it a lot!

  14. The others obviously enjoyed this as much as you, Joe, good job!

  15. Joe,
    By the time I got here to say something all my thoughts were already taken. I have done a number of Monogram B-25's and I have never met one I did not like. Your model is living proof of the fine job that can be made with this kit. Like Seamus said, it is still the only J and H. AM kits are very good but they are not this version. Plus all the C-rap inside can never be seen anyway.
    Great job.

  16. Great Job! I've always had a soft spot for Monogram.

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