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Early armor period….

Thought I’d post some of my old attempts at building armor (otherwise known as “ground targets”) – looking back at these builds, I can see now that they weren’t as successful as I’d imagined at the time. Although the HEMMIT (truck) and the SA-2 “Sam” didn’t turn out that bad. I’m afraid the others are somewhat “amateurish”, but fun to play around with – armor being not my ‘forte’.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Early armor period….

  1. You need to give yourself more credit. These are more than a little respectable. Unless your born with natural artistic talent building armor take practice to get a realistic finish & attitude.
    And, perhaps more so than aircraft kits, state of the art armor kits give you a head start.

  2. Whoaaa! Slow yer roll there, me laddie. “I can see now that they were’nt as successful as I’d imaged at the time”? Bollocks! Did you have fun building them at that time? Were you hapy with the results at that time? If so, they are successful, period. Not to mention the fact that if you did not build these kits with what skills you had then, they you definetely would not have developed the skills you have now. Never be apologetic about your hobby or pastimes. I remember as a child, picking up magazines such as Airfix, Scale Modeler, Military Modeler, etc. I use to drool over the builds that I saw in there and trying to make pacts with the modelling gods to give me the kind of skills those fellas had so I could build models as skillful as they could. Fast forward some years to after I returned to the hobby. I was an avid modeler (still am), attended shows, and taking awards with my stuff. At that time I would buy every modeling related publicationand read them cover to cover, religiously. So one day I came across an old stack of modeling magazines that I had stowed away in the attic when I was a kid. I started looking through them and found myself asking, “How did I ever think these builds were awesome, too many glue fumes”? Then I thought about what was available at that time (1970s) as far as models and building supplies, which was not a whole hell of a lot. Then I figured that the 1970s was when scale modeling was really becoming an art (think Shep Paine). Those fellas were doing a whole hell of a lot with what little they had so , in effect, that stuff was and will always be awesome. Same thing goes for the individual modeler, you crawl before you can wal and walk before you can fly. I still have a few of my very early builds around and admittedly, there are no where in the league of what I build now. But I still think they are awesome cuz I did what I could with what I had and from there I developed the skills I have now. Moreover, I do not apologize for anything. Now I think your builds past/present are pretty f*****g Craig, so what do have to apologize for. Keep up the good work.

  3. Christ, I really love a shot of Tullamore Dew before dinner as it wets me appetite. I just noticed it also affects my ability to spell correctly.

  4. And all the time I’ve known you, I thought you only did models of aircraft and stock cars. I bet you install siding and repair lawn mowers too.
    I like these as well as the others; excellent results!

  5. The M-60A-3 (I think it is, not being a treadhead) and the M1A1 are particularly nice.

  6. There’s some nice models there Craig. The truck is stunning mind, your right there! The M1A1 is smart as well. They are all pretty good to be honest!

  7. I thank you one and all for the kind words of encouragement. Happy Holidays to every one of you here at iModeler.

  8. Craig
    As long as you build what you want, the way you want, and derive enjoyment from it, who cares what people think. I’m guessing these builds are 1:35, the “truck” looks great (I’m no ground target builder either).

  9. Thanks for posting Craig. I think you are being a little hard on yourself as well. As Seamus said, you were happy with them at the time. Now you look back and see the improvement in skills over time. If you want extra projects, you can go back and add some weathering and pigments and what not. Just what you need – extra work! To all who live in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving! We had our turkey last month.

  10. Craig,
    First, an AHMEN to what Seamus said. What was then is not what is now. I now pronounce you as a full-fledged, card carrying, member of the “I know where the mistakes are and I’m not going to tell you” club. I have some models I have done years ago and I mean to tell you they “stink”. I met my mentor, Stan Staples in 1972 and my efforts have come a very long way from that time. He taught me to stretch sprue. My greatest compliment was when he told me my models were better than his. (which was impossible) On this site there are modelers that I could only wish I could be compared with, Matt, Erich, and I could go on and on. Like Seamus said, this hobby is for fun and enjoyment and this site allows us to ALL show off our stuff among fellow modelers. I marvel at the skill of those on this site but most of all I enjoy the commonality of all of us involved in the hobby.
    You, Sir, have not one thing to apologize for, keep em coming

  11. There’s nothing wrong with these, Craig, you built and painted them, photographed them, and then posted them on this site. I’d be very proud if it was me.

  12. Nice builds Craig,nowt wrong with any of them ,I don’t know much about armour but I especially like the truck with all the wheels ,can you tell me more about it I wouldn’t mind having a crack at one of them.
    Cheers N.

  13. Craig, I like your builds! Build what YOU want, how YOU want and Enjoy your projects.

  14. As above Craig, this hobby is for fun. Why worry about what people think, its your builds and that whats counts.
    The M113 , is that the Tamiya kit?
    They all look good to me, and I am not a tread head.

  15. you know…i think your figures a pretty darned good…i’ve heard you blitz them in the past

  16. Thanks, Bob….but I’m always somewhat critical of my talent(s)….especially after seeing what can be done by those modelers that truly possess talent.

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