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Eduard 1/48 Bf-108 Taifun, KG+EM, Sonderkommando Blaich, Libya 1942.

November 17, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 3.2K

This is my most recent completion. It's the ProfiPack boxing and has been around for long enough for some wear to be apparent in the moulds as evidenced by some small amounts of flash on some parts and slightly larger than normal mould seams on others, despite this it fits together really well was was a delight to build. The kit was finished with Vallejo Model Air with Tamiya acrylics, oil colours and past chalks for the weathering.

It won 2nd place at the Riverside Scale Modellers November model of the month contest and to my great surprise and pleasure it was also voted Model of the Year.

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  1. Another nice build, sir. There is the "Dogfights" episode in which the Sonderkommando Elbe is portrayed ramming allied bombers. What's the meaning of 'Sonderkommado', anyhow?

  2. According to Google Translate, sonder=special and kommando=command, so I guess it's the German equivalent of Task Force or something along those lines. Maybe someone with more than a bad recollection of school boy German can chip in and help, Ya?

    • This may help:
      Sonderkommando (SdKdo) means “Special Unit”
      Some Luftwaffe Examples:
      Sonderkommando Elbe: An arial ramming unit formed to combat bomber raids over the Homeland.

      Sonderkommando Dora: A scientific research group which conducted military-geographical studies of the Sahara desert in 1942 and evaluated several vehicle types in desert conditions. The primary task was to establish whether the French could threaten the Afrika Korps from Chad.

      In this case Sonderkommando Blaich (SdKdo Blaich) was a special Luftwaffe unit named after Captain Theo Blaich whose group was responsible for the bombardment of Fort Lamy during the West African campaign on January 21, 1942. In this operation, a single Heinkel He 111 bomber flew 2000 miles and attacked the French air base at Fort Lamy in southern Chad. The raid was a success, leading to the destruction of a large amount of fuel stored at the base.

  3. I think it's one of these that James Garner and Donald Pleasance steal at the end of The great escape.
    Nice build by the way.

  4. Thanks Neil, I'll have to watch that movie again now 🙂

  5. Beautiful little bf-108 with a pretty paint. Great job.

    Best regards, Eric from France

  6. Nice clean build, Bernard.

  7. Bernard,
    Give me a break man... I'm running out of platitudes and adjectives. I have to go back to my over used, "this beautiful"

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